Meet Jason Whitlock, rocket scientist extraordinaire.  One can only speculate if he was researching his latest article in this photo, “covering sports from every angle” as it says in his bio at FoxSports.

FoxSports, the network that won’t accept firearms-related advertisements for UFC events, once again has appeared on our radar for small-minded public commentary from one of its bigoted personalities.

Jason Whitlock who once tweeted “Some lucky lady in NYC is gonna feel a couple inches of pain tonight” in reference to NBA star Jeremy Lin scoring a career-high 38 points for the New York Knicks, has offered similarly brilliant analysis to the recent murder-suicide involving the Kansas City Chiefs football player (sorry, we’re not contributing to his infamy by mentioning his name here) who murdered his girlfriend before whacking himself at the team’s training area.

Whitlock doesn’t blame the murderer.

No, Whitlock blames the Second Amendment instead.

…We’d prefer to avoid seriously reflecting upon the absurdity of the prevailing notion that the second amendment somehow enhances our liberty rather than threatens it.

Jason Whitlock wouldn’t know liberty even if she had 38DDs and was wearing stripper shoes.

Whitlock’s bio at FoxSports reads like it was written by Pinocchio for the most part.

Whitlock covering sports from every angle, including speculating on the length of basketball players’ penises.  That’s about the only accurate part of his bio.


Whitlock’s commentary a couple of years ago perpetuating the long-held stereotype that Asian men have small penises wasn’t exactly met with raves.  Some speculated, in so many words, if Whitlock was offering some psychological projection in his “analysis” of Lin’s performance.



(Tweet reposts courtesy


Whitlock also loves to inject race into his writing, even when it irrelevant.  Sports Rantz castigated Whitlock’s lame apology over the Lin tweet:

…Three years ago, in a piece about steroids in baseball, you managed to work a racial angle into it. Why, there’s even a passage that goes like this: “Black people (and other racial groups) do the same thing. As a kid, when Magic Johnson and Larry Bird met on the basketball court, I kept my own stats because I was convinced the scorers cheated Magic.”

Wonder if that “best white friend” of yours followed suit.

In August of last year, in your piece on University of Miami football booster Nevin Shapiro, you refer to “mandingo athletes.”

And this year, when the Raiders fired head coach Hue Jackson, you wondered if race was a factor, and wrote this: “If you’ve followed my media career, you know I’m not opposed to fanned flames of any racial, ethnic or lifestyle variety, moving in any direction. “Just burn, baby” is my column motto.”

Truer words were never spoken by “as color-blind a sportswriter as there is.”

Or a hypocrite who’s trying to fan the flickering flame of his vast journalism career.

Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that Whitlock thinks the New England Patriots just don’t hire enough white players, as I pointed out in my previous Whitlock post.

In my previous post, I bet that Whitlock wouldn’t have even made an apology. But now that he has, I get the sense that he might lose his edge a little.


Whitlock is also facing criticism for spam links in his recent tweets.

Whitlock is just a really nice guy.


7 thoughts on “FoxSports hack blames 2nd Amendment, not KC Chiefs killer”
  1. His column on guns speaks for itself, but this certainly adds nails to the coffin! I’m kind of surprised that Costas picked it to quote, the idea that Butche…I mean Belcher couldn’t have killed without a gun is completely asinine and most people listening knew it. Do they think Americans are that stupid?

    1. Yes, they do think we’re stupid! Once they persuaded Americans to delegate personal safety to servants, they knew for sure that we would delegate anything!

      Now whose fault is that?

  2. Whitlock is a useless Buttplug, just like Costas. If only he didn’t have access to a car, he would not have been able to drive to Arrowhead and shoot himself in front of the coach. Its not the fault of the second amendment or the gun, how many millions of firearms killed no one yesterday ??

  3. Someone needs to find out the home addresses of these two bozos. Then we could have a protest outside their houses.

  4. Amazing what masquerades as journalism these days….even more amazing the lack of character of the writers who publish their screed under the feseral protection of anti discrimination laws (they think they can’t be fired)

    IMHO, if “Butcher’s” baby-mama had a gun the day he murdered her, at least SHE might still be alive.

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