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Young thug in Houston gets shot after physically attacking a store clerk.  And, of course, the “black community” agitators are demanding arrest of the clerk for exercising his right to self-defense solely because the attacker was black.

For the full report from KHOU.


HOUSTON (Click To Houston) – …Calloway was shot in the stomach, police said. Azzam then ran back inside the store and locked the door, according to police.

Investigators said the two men who were with Calloway ran up to the security window, and one of the men fired shots into the store.

A friend took Calloway to a firehouse in the 11000 block of Cullen for help. Calloway remained in the hospital Wednesday after undergoing surgery Tuesday. His parents said he may have to have a leg amputated.

“Y’all know that’s wrong,” said Calloway’s father. “My son come to that store every day. The store clerk, I feel like he should be charged.”

…One of the men who was with Calloway, Kenneth DeWayne Bogan, has been charged with aggravated assault. Police said he was the one who fired shots into the store.

…This was not the first shooting at the store. Last fall, two clerks were helping a customer when two masked men stormed in and immediately started firing. A clerk was wounded in the leg.

[Editor:  An earlier report said it was the SAME clerk that was shot in the leg.  And there’s video out there of that shooting as well.]

27 thoughts on “Houston thug gets perforated…”
  1. Oh no not another poor black guy being treated so badly by one of those “white” guys oh wait the guy wasn’t white well hell close enough I guess!

  2. shoot the parents for raising such thugs.all my kid did was try and rob the store.but might as well murder the clerk too.the parents should be arrested convicted and executed.

  3. shoot the parents for raising such thugs.all my kid did was try and rob the store.but might as well murder the clerk too.the parents should be arrested convicted and executed.shoot the activists.stinking creeps.

  4. If the “out raged father” had brought this little pice of shyte up correctly, he wouldn’t have slugged a store clerk NOR gotten shot. Gi look in a mirror to to see WHO is at fault jerk.

  5. His father has justis already. His kid is alive. That is more than than the clerk would have gotten if this punk was armed like his freinds. Its simpal there daddy teach your kid to obay the laws all the laws. Next time he may not be as lucky. YOUR SON IS A CRIMNAL!!!!!!! NOT THE CLERK.

  6. Shoot the agitators, Wonder where Jackson and shrimp dick is? The clerk should get an award not fired!

  7. Another waste of good ammunition. The MORON in the red hat should have been beaten within an inch of his life, beaten enough so his mother and father (if he had one) would not recognize him. Now he is going to brag about his bullet wound to the rest of his brainless friends. Personally I would have “capped” his mother so she couldn’t produce another MORON like him. Crooks like this one, understand one thing and one thing only, PAIN! Enough crooks get a beating, things will slow down, but they will not go away. To bad we can’t kick the crap out of all of them at the same time, they lose their bragging rites then. God Bless The Gun Carrying Good People Of The United States Of America!

  8. Oh come on folks, he should have turned his head so the poor black punk could hit him on the other side of the head. Are you kidding me !! The store clerk should have kept shooting till the guy was dead.

  9. While their amputating his leg(at taxpayers expense), they should amputate his head as well. Nueter the father, spay the mother, and cut off the welfare, foodstamps, WIC and any other taxpayer funding the whole family receives. Maybe then someone in the family will need a JOB, so they wont have time for their present line of work, (Theft). The Black community is wrong to support this behavior.

  10. I’m black and don’t buy the race-baiting aspect of this incident. If that were me, I too, would have shot that teenage reprobate full of holes, had he attacked me. If the parents were conservative and raised their children the same way, they could have been classy, upstanding people. I have nothing but utter contempt for liberalism and the lawlessness that’s part of it. Liberalism is why inner cities are the hellholes that they are.

    1. This case seems to represent a lot of what rural America sees wrong with urban youths America…

      Frankly, there are race-baiting aspects to this and they all began with Quannel X and his merry band of race-baiting community agitators.

    2. Thank you for your intelligent and responsible post. Now if we, you and I, could get the rest of the community to act and think responsibility there’s a chance this particular area could get back to law and order once more. Thanks again for your comment.
      Joe Watters

  11. Did’nt yall know?All those poor black thugs are choir boy,honor students.Ha,the clerk should have killed his arse.It would be one less P.O.S. roamig the streets,causing trouble.

  12. I apologize if anyone didn’t understand my comment was for UrbanWoman. Thanks again for an intelligent and thoughtful comment.

    1. Joe,I personally did understand that. UrbanWoman has my utmost respect for her comment as well. I agree with both of you, and take it a step further to count myself in on your “you and I” reference. I no longer live in Houston, but what you said applies to my community as well. We are supposed to be a “rule of law” society overall, and lately it’s seemed as if that has deteriorated to “rule of lawless”. Let’s get it back to where it belongs.

  13. rcdatzme, I totally agree with you. With your masterful comment, you have made a whale of a lot of enemies among blacks and you can be steel-batoned for this or your head banged on the asphalt sidewalk. The two “great “reverends” of the blacks, rev jesse jackson and and rev al sharpton will not be in the mood of leading a demonstration about this but should you need another someone to watch your flanks and back, please don’t hesitate to call on me. I’ll help shotgun-gun ride for you, good man.

  14. You thugs of this world, get this through your skulls: We are tired of being your victims and your violent actions will get you killed. No mercy for the street thugs and Trayvon Martins of this country. If you value your lives as much as your grieving families would, then pull up those pants, get a f@(%ing job and act like you are civilized. If not, we are going to kill you.

  15. Screw the NAACP, screw these blacks. You lowlifes spend a little more time raising you children to respect others, they won’t be doing this crap. Oh, poor little black kid. That kid is LUCKY he didn’t hit me like that. I’d of broken his arm off and shoved it where the sun doesn’t shine. Screw his “parents” too. These are useless human beings who REINFORCE this kind of behavior. Racists.

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