Governor Quinn had a similar look when the Illinois Senate over-rode his gun ban proposal in a rare public rebuke to the Democrat governor by the Democrat-controlled Senate.

Illinois Governor Pat “Clueless” Quinn was resoundingly rebuked by a 49-4 vote yesterday as the Senate over-rode the governor’s earlier amendatory veto of SB 681.

The common sense gun bill originally had widespread support and would have allowed Illinois FOID-card holders to purchase ammunition from Illinois retailers and have it shipped to their homes.

Governor Quinn struck the original language and substituted in a Draconian gun ban that would have banned manufacture, possession or sale of America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15, and dozens more of the most popular selling guns in America today.  Furthermore, it would have likewise banned full-capacity magazines.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Quinn’s “Dream Gun Act” would not grandfather guns and magazines currently owned.  It would be literally a Senator Dianne Feinstein, “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ’em all in” moment.

Todd Vandermyde, the NRA’s man in Springfield, texted GSL moments ago with a simple message: “Not done yet.”

5 thoughts on “Gov. Clueless Quinn rebuked by Illinois Senate on his gun ban bill”
  1. i am glad that quinn got shutdown . we need to get a right to carry concealed or just a right to carry law passed

  2. It’s pretty obvious that many if not most of those 49 votes were from Democrats.

    Even some from Chicago and the collar counties.

    While probably not gun rights lovers, they can recognize a stupid idea when it is shoved in their face, even by their own governor.

    Let’s see how many of those 49 vote against our rights when a concealed carry bill moves this spring.

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