Unlike the kiddie-porn *1* *2* and corruption-loving *many* Mayors Against Illegal Guns, headed by the nation’s nanny mayor Bloomberg and consisting solely of elected officials (specifically mayors), everyday gun owners who get a license to exercise their Second Amendment rights are extraordinarily well-behaved.

It’s not rocket science, or even news to us gun owners.  Skeptics throughout the nation, overcoming years of bigotry instilled in them by the mainstream media and moron entertainers, react with amazement when they discover for themselves that licensed gun carriers really are good guys.

It’s almost as if they’ve discovered that water is wet.

The latest example:  Kansas.


Kan. conceal carry holders commit few crimes

WICHITA (Hutchison, KS News / AP) — Few Kansans who hold a concealed-carry gun permit have been charged with a firearm-related crime, statistics show.

Of the 51,078 permits issued in Kansas since the law took effect in 2007, just 44 permit holders were charged with a crime committed while using a firearm, according to records from the Kansas attorney general’s office.
holders, or 0.09 percent.