Tannerite has been making grown men giggle like little schoolgirls for close to ten years now.

What is Tannerite?

Tannerite is a binary reactive target system, where the user will mix the white “Tannerite” target mix with the activator to create a stable explosive that will only detonate when it’s struck by a center-fire rifle bullet.

Designed to be used at a safe range in the bottle it comes in, the product itself is incredibly safe and fun to use.

The problem is that stupid people do stupid things with Tannerite.

Stupid people put Tannerite into closed containers which throw off dangerous shrapnel when the target is shot.  Or they will put it on gravel surfaces which will throw off gravel as missiles when the target explodes.

The safe way to shoot Tannerite is to place it atop a cardboard box suspend them in the air with string.

Often times, these are “hold my beer and watch this” moments when stupid people break out the Tannerite.

Often times, these moments are recorded for posterity.

Such as this one featured in this news story from WTHR in Indiana:


13 WTHR Indianapolis


The woman claims she was 100 yards away from the target:  a dryer which contained a quantity of Tannerite inside it.  She shot video of the event with her smart phone. From 100+ yards away.

We want to see a smart phone with a high-quality zoom feature as this woman’s phone apparently must have.

More likely, it would seem the woman is factually challenged.

In fact, we’ll just come right out and say it:  She’s lying if she claims she was shooting that video from 100 yards or more away with her phone.

It looks like she was maybe 25-35 yards away from the dryer that was shot, not 100.

And we hope that’s not a can of beer on the table in front of the camera.

Basically, folks, the bottom line is that you can’t fix stupid.

If you don’t have the good sense not to put Tannerite into some sort of container that will throw off dangerous shrapnel, then you’ve got nobody but yourself to blame for your own reckless behavior.

If this woman just went about her life after this incident that would be one thing.

Instead, she’s advocating to ban something that gives lots of enjoyment and entertainment to millions of people over the years.

We suppose it’s just part of playing the “victim” instead of accepting responsibility for her own reckless and stupid behavior.

Nice job, honey.


4 thoughts on “Tannerite: Stupid people seek legislation to fix stupid”
  1. That looks like 100 yards away to me. Why do you say “high quality zoom”? That didn’t look like it was zoomed in. The story also says she didn’t know what tannerite was until she was in the hospital. If her friends didn’t tell her they put tannerite in the appliance they blew up, how was she being stupid? Obviously, the lady was harmed and is looking to sue someone for damages. Who can blame her?

    1. That’s a small garden plot in a backyard in the foreground. Smart phones don’t have significant zoom features on their simple lenses.

  2. Looks to me that the person she should sue is the one who did it, not the product. It’s all about following the instructions.

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