It’s official.

Cook County Democrats passed a slew of new taxes, including the onerous modern-day poll tax on guns by a vote of 16-1.

Chicago (Tribune) – The cost of buying cigarettes and guns in Cook County will rise next year after commissioners today voted 16-1 to approve County Board President Toni Preckwinkle’s $2.95 billion budget.

In addition to the $1-per-pack increase on a pack of smokes and a new $25 per-gun tax on firearm purchases, the board also enacted a 1.25 percent use tax on large out-of-county purchases, with an exemption on the first $3,500 spent. There’s also a $1,000-per-year tax on slot machines and a $200-per-year tax on video gambling terminals.

The cigarette tax increases March 1, while the use tax and gun tax are effective April 1. The gambling machine tax won’t be implemented until June 1, giving the Illinois General Assembly time to offer up an alternative way to share gambling revenue with the county if it so chooses.

All those taxes, and some modest fee increases for permits and morgue documents, is expected to raise $41.7 million.

It is worth noting that Cook County is going to try to collect a 1.25% “sales tax” on large purchases made in Illinois outside of Cook County.  Seems as though they’re realizing people are going to drive a few miles away for less taxes.

It’s hard to believe, isn’t it?

Good luck collecting that.

2 thoughts on “Cook County approves gun tax”
  1. I love Illinois. It is SO business and consumer friendly. Why would anyone go anywhwere else? Where else can you spend so much (tax) money in one place. I will make damn sure I do not purchase anything in Cook County.. Ever!

  2. I was recently at the Cabela’s store in Hoffman Estates Illinois. While speaking to the salesman, He mentioned that they are seriously considering closing the store due to this tax. i am constantly amazed at the stupidity of government officials in Illinois! Even more so in Cook County!.

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