Less than 24-hours ago in Alcalde, New Mexico a randy 33-year-old tough guy named Lawrence Sandoval from nearby Taos, NM, thought he was going to have his way with an innocent woman who struck his fancy at the local gas station.

He followed her home, and then barged his way into her home, armed with a knife.

The victim told deputies that the two ended up in her bedroom where lusty Larry told her to strip.

The story doesn’t say if she followed through with his demand, but we do know she produced a pistol from under her pillow and perforated the perpetrator.

Lusty Larry learned his locution was just as faulty as the rest of his “dating” paradigm.  Perhaps he pondered that point as he lay on the floor bleeding out.

ALCALDE, N.M. (FoxNews) –  A 35-year-old woman says she shot and killed a man after he allegedly barged into her Alcalde home and tried to undress her at knife point.

…According to deputies, the woman says Sandoval grabbed a knife, put the knife to her chin and told her to take off her clothes. The woman told deputies she then reached under her pillow, grabbed a loaded gun and shot him. She fled from her home and called 911.

Officials say Sandoval died at the scene.

One thought on “Giving new meaning to “happy ending”! (Or “happy ending” squared!)”
  1. Good for her! Another instance of lawful self defense that the dinosaur media will cheerfully ignore. Two upsides to the story. 1.this jerk will never bother any other woman again. 2.This poor girl is at least going to get new carpeting from her homeowners insurance.
    love the picture too! That’s my kind of girl.

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