By now everyone knows how the election went. Romney put up a strong fight and made an excellent case for leading America. Unfortunately honesty and hard work don’t outweigh a lying, perceived cool guy that will promise to give you whatever you want.  So, why did we lose? I wish I could provide a definitive answer, I am as confused as most conservative folks.

I will say this; I blame all of the lazy ignorant selfish people who voted for Obama because of what they think he will give them. They are the reason that this election was lost and why our country is in serious peril.

Like most conservative people, the only thing I want from my government is to stay out of my way! I do not want anything from the government. I can protect myself; I can earn my own money and provide for my family. I can (and we do) teach my child about the world and how to be a productive citizen. I believe that most conservatives feel this way.

So, why do I say “Good night America”? The night represents uncertainty and fear. Not fear from a fictional boogey man, fear from a tyrannical government that is hell bent on stripping us of our fundamental rights and subjugating us to their whims and will. Fear of a government that divides its people so that their hateful and socialist ideology can be moved forward. Destroying what took centuries to build, will surly be undone if we the people do not stop it.



The daylight represents hope (not the Obama kind) and belief that we as a country can do anything if we work hard and stick together. Look what we have achieved as a country. We are truly an amazing country.

As we all know, nighttime only lasts for so long (believe me, this is going to be a very long night). As a country we need to go through this. We need to see the outcome of the choices we make. This is no different than teaching a child not to touch a hot stove. Some kids have to be told more than once (they are slow learners or in this case Obama supporters). Well our country is about to learn what happens when you touch the stove more than once.  Evolution has a way of weeding out the weak and stupid. This may take some time, but it will happen especially if we continue to elect officials based on what they can give us instead of how they will serve us!

It is up to you America on how long this night lasts. It is up to you to determine what the next day will look like. If we don’t do it no one else will.

One thought on “Good night America”
  1. Voting for Romney in IL is a waste. I voted for the Libertarian, Gary Johnson. It was my effort to send a message to the GOP that there are thinking people out here, and to hopefully get the libertarian party on the ballot by garnering 5 % of the votes. Until then, I’m saving my money and reloading every brass case I can.

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