A man arrested for looting in Long Island in police custody.
Photo by NY Daily News.

We at Guns Save Life have been hearing from a host of sources that the looting going on the Hurricane Sandy storm-damaged seaboard is far more common than the media is reporting.

Some alternative media is picking up the story, sometimes calling the incidents “burglaries”, and anecdotal reports from the boots on the ground indicate that the looting is pervasive and is persisting even though the storm came through a week or more ago.

One source in Atlantic City reported:

“They’re taking advantage of the city shutting down, going from house to house to house,” Jones said. “So we all said next time (there’s a storm), we’re staying.”

Burglars find ample opportunities with so many houses left empty during evacuations of storm-ravaged barrier islands statewide. The problem has become so rampant in just a few days that the State Police announced Thursday they would provide backup to bolster security in general and help crackdown efforts already under way by local officers to prevent looting.



A man known as Travis is arrested by NYPD in Crown Heights, Brooklyn following an altercation collecting free FEMA fuel as tensions rise in New York City. Caption by Daily Mail.


3 thoughts on “Pervasive looting continues”
  1. I worked in New Orleans right after Katrina, there were National Guard troops on the ground at the time. They told my co-worker and me that a lot of the people who were rescued from roofs by helicopters and boats were not homeowners but looters. Although there were not to many people around when we were working, I felt a lot safer with the Guard there patrolling. This his how Bloomberg protects his people by keeping the guard out.

  2. And how safe did the law abiding citizens of New Orleans feel who had their legally owned fire arms illegally confiscated by the National Guard and police, and their constitutional rights trampled upon?

  3. Oh my, that constant we see over and over again appears yet again.

    FBI statistics broken down by race reveal that the majority population in state prisons in all 50 states are majority African American…

    By far, most of the violent crime in the United States are committed by this group.

    And here are two more pictures of what appears to come naturally for these people.

    But in the interest of political correctness, this society will continue to believe the myth of “diversity”.

    There are interesting times just ahead for the United States. A wise man would prepare himself. Another look at the pictures above should provide ample reason(s) for doing so.

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