People wait in line to fill gas cans at a Hess Gas Station in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, in Secacus, New Jersey. EPA/PETER FOLEY

by Frank Sharpe
Fortress Defense Consultants

To all,James Yeager of Tactical Response just sent this note out:

“I am getting reports from my Alumni in NY. Things are BAD. The news is under-reporting the violence. Shooting and home invasions are rampant. My Law Enforcement Alumni are telling me it is like a 3rd world country… Medieval. They say this will make Katrina look like a day at Disney.”

This may or may not be as bad as it sounds, but it doesn’t matter as nothing lasts forever. However, this should serve as a warning to us all that the simplest of personal preparation can get you through events like this, and will allow you to avoid lines and potential violence.

We need to have at a minimum:

-5-days food in the house.
-A way to secure and purify water
-Basic medicines and first aid supplies
-Food and supplies for pets
-Alternate communications (hand held radios)
-Stored fuel (Gasoline, propane, etc…)
-A way to keep warm, a way to keep dry.
-Candles, lanterns, flashlights…
-Battery operated radio to listen for news reports.
-A way to dispose of human waste (and this is a subject many avoid or ignore – don’t!)
-And it goes without me saying that I think all of us should be armed and dangerous.



Would you like to go for a ride in my nice BMW, the Ultimate Driving Machine?
photo by msnbc.

We need to have an escape and evacuation plan and be ready to pack up and get out in 10-minutes, from both your home and your job. Consider how you will assemble your family when children are at school and parents are at work.

Our vehicles need to have in them a basic survival kit:

-3 days food
-Water filtration
-Maps (yeah, GPS may not be working. Phone service goes down. Batteries die)
-Jumper cables

-First aid kit

And when you have a weeks warning that a “superstorm” is on the way, there should be no excuse for your gas tank to be on empty!

Of course there is always more that can be done and better lists to be found – and every person/family has different needs and abilities. But we can all do something, so do it! Now is the time – don’t put it off – make it part of your lifestyle. We’re AMERICANS! We shouldn’t be standing around helpless thinking it’s someone else’s job to take care of us during a crisis.


Frank Sharpe, Jr.
Fortress Defense Consultants
DTI Affiliate Instructor

2 thoughts on “James Yeager: Hurricane Sandy aftermath is ‘medieval’”
  1. We are heading to NY for a U.K. basketball game in Brooklyn. Really fearful in the fact that you are NOT permitted “to carry firearms” within NY City. Now is a time that you really need to have that right.Wish us luck.

  2. Armed? You’re kidding right? Bloomberg and Obama are working hard to make sure you won’t be able to do that for very much longer.

    I do have to wonder about the wisdom of Mister Kelly entering an area where he can’t defend himself properly. Why support such a place with your money?

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