During Hurricane Sandy, we learned a lot about what our fellow citizens are made of. We learned of their character and in some cases, their character defects.

There were many brave people serving those who were trapped and in need of help, there were also those who were preying on those who were trapped and needed help. The social media site Twitter was being used by some gang members and other scum that were making plans to go on a looting spree after the hurricane.

Gangs Plan Hurricane Looting Spree Via Twitter
Paul Joseph Watson

October 29, 2012

Scores of Twitter users have flooded the social networking site announcing their plans to go on looting sprees once Hurricane Sandy makes landfall, as the New York National Guard announced it would put troops on duty in Long Island to prevent such activity.

These people were making plans to loot homes and businesses directly after the storm. Most people cannot imagine planning to loot, steel or harm their fellow citizens immediately following a disaster but obviously we have some that look forward this kind of sick activity.

So, why am I writing this? Simple… If they are planning you should also! I am not just talking about storing food and ammunition. I am also talking about some legal planning. Some things to consider before you have a storm or any kind of emergency where you may find yourself on your own. 

  • Now, before an emergency find a criminal lawyer you feel comfortable with. Why a criminal lawyer? Simple, if you have to defend yourself when there is limited / no law enforcement available, you will most certainly need legal representation after the encounter plan ahead, don’t wait until after an incident to contact legal help.

  • Become familiar with the state laws governing the transportation and use of firearms Specifically, what circumstances allow for use deadly force

  •  Talk to your insurance company
     – Find out if your insurance covers the loss or theft of your guns
     – Make sure they have an accurate inventory of any gun you want covered
     – What is the dollar amount of your coverage
     – What paperwork will you need to prove theft?
     – Are your guns covered under a mandatory confiscation
4 thoughts on “Social Media and Looting”
  1. I urge all gun ownersn no all Americans, to view the Aministrations stance on UNITED NATIONS and the gun legislation in process by Obama and Clinton. This is a direct violation of our 2nd Amendment and what is happening with the Fast&Furious debacle should not only worry gun owners but the entire nation. Misdirection is the key and the United Nations situation is way below the radar level but will directly affect all citizens in this great nation. I urge all to view this attempt to circumvent the constitution by going to UN Gun Legislation and making your own decision

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