Congratulations to politicians in Chicago who have worked hard to keep the population there as disarmed and defenseless as possible against the savage violent crimes plaguing that city.

Gun ownership has proven benefits to those who choose to exercise their right to own firearms.  Guns are a proven equalizer against criminal attack.

In Chicago, though, criminals know their victims are almost assuredly unable to put forth any meaningful resistance to violent attack.

Yesterday, Chicago marked a deadly milestone.

The 435th homicide victim was reported.

Why is that significant?

There were 435 homicides in all of 2011.

And we have over two months remaining in the year.

435th Homicide Equals Total For All Of Last Year

CHICAGO (CBS) — A man was shot and killed inside a home late Sunday on the South Side, marking the city’s 435th homicide of the year — equaling the total last year.

Bariffe Fitz, 68, was found shot in the chest about 11 p.m. inside a residence in the 9400 block of South La Salle Street.

“It’s a disappointing milestone,” Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said on the CBS 2 Morning News. “You can’t manage this and you can’t talk about murder in a positive fashion.”

3 thoughts on “CHICAGO ISN’T SAFE: ‘A disappointing milestone’”
  1. Yet still they fight against hb 148? Hard to believe anyone can be this ignorant and still be holding a public office.

  2. I blame the citizens more than the government. After all, it was the citizens who voted those people into office and continue to vote for them at every election.

    I hate to say it, but they asked for that life and they got it.

  3. As long as we have people who are dumb enough to vote Democrat in down state Illinois we will never get to carry. Cook county will never vote Republican and the only way to get the upper hand on Mike Madigan and Rahm Emmanual and Governor Quinn is to do it at the polls

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