Originally published in November 2011, GunNews was one of the first publications to call into question the true motives of the so-called “Occupy” movement.

Occupy Wall Street seemed to have its origins in bringing attention to the unlawful acts perpetrated by Wall Street banks and financial institutions.

What have these folks on Wall Street been doing that most Americans haven’t noticed or understood?  How about money laundering of drug-related proceeds; the unlawful sales of fraudulently-labeled and -rated loan packages to investors; perjured testimony by banks and financial institutions regarding all manner of legal documents and financial statements; bribery of public officials (see Jefferson County, AL among many) by bankers to sell or recast debt to fleece taxpayers even further.

Unfortunately, the OWS protests were quickly co-opted by the radical fringe of society and professional agitators and protesters.  These include many of the same people who were anti-war protesters before President Obama’s inauguration.

A couple of weeks into these protests and we’re beginning to learn that some components of these events are financed by George Soros, the Tides Foundation, Michael Moore, Code Pink and others of similar ilk.

We are also learning that some of the protesters on “Wall Street” in New York, and in other cities around the nation truly are professional protesters in another sense of the word:  they are being paid to demonstrate.

We see their demands, too.  They want everything for free and they want society’s “haves” to pay for it.  They want everyone’s debts forgiven, a trillion dollars for the environment, more government spending, a $20/hour minimum wage, free health care and education.

You can bet with financial backers, in part, like George Soros, Michael Moore and the Tides Foundation that they aren’t going to be advocating for free guns for all anytime soon!

To the contrary, individual rights, liberty, less government and less government spending – all hallmarks of the Tea Party protests around the nation since 2009 – are the last things many of the backers of the OWS participants want.

Sure, there is a great deal of financial corruption on Wall Street and OWS was initially on the right path to call attention to these unlawful activities.

Unfortunately, these protests are being co-opted by the fringe of our society into a capitalism-bashing, modern-day Woodstock festival in a few cities.