They wish they had money like this at the Brady Campaign.

The Brady Campaign is on the ropes financially, just as the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence.

Shall not be Questioned (formerly Snowflakes in Hell) has a great post about Brady’s problems.  Sebastion there asked if Mayor Bloomberg is personally underwriting much of the gun control lobby in the nation.

News of the Brady Campaign’s very negative cash flow is certainly not bad news as far as we’re concerned.

We do know that the ICHV people fired their lobbyist in Springfield and closed their Springfield office a couple of years ago and last year spent a princely portion of remaining assets on hiring a lobbyist to block the right-to-carry bill that most folks expected was going to pass, but was later thwarted by then-Mayor Daley and Toni Preckwinkle, the Cook County Board Chairman.

Gun Control doesn’t “sell”.

Gun Control groups have few, if any true, dues-paying members, unlike the NRA’s roughly 4+ million paying members.

Gun Control groups don’t turn out crowds for their events.  One of the Brady Campaign’s recent protests at the White House turned out six whole people.  A second one nearly a dozen.

A truly sad and pathetic Brady Campaign turnout against personal freedom and liberty at the White House this spring.
Photo courtesy Facebook.

Contrast that with the turn out in flyover country (Springfield, IL) on a cold March day earlier this year.

IGOLD rally 2012.
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  1. Brady Campaign people look like such a bunch of loosers!

    The Gun Right People are marching tall and proud. Looking good everyone.

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