Chicago Police brass, bless their hearts, are hard at work trying to demonize law-abiding gun owners and gun shops for the criminal acts of gang-bangers and thugs running rampant in their city.

They conducted some “research” on the 125 guns they were able to confiscate / collect / obtain during the month of August 2012.

Nine of those guns were sold less than a 1000 days previously.  Less than 10%.

They take their lame-brained findings to the Chicago Sun-Times and the big-city newspaper reporter clumsily tries to tie together the hardly-scientific Chicago Police “investigation” with the also  hardly-scientific junk science done at the University of Chicago Crime Lab by activist “researchers”.

Guess what the rocket-scientist activist researchers found?  Most guns in Chicago traced by police came from Illinois and Indiana gun stores.

Who would have thought it?  Maybe it didn’t occur to the brain surgeon activist researchers at the University of Chicago.

Were they thinking the guns were coming from the ATF in Arizona?

Oh, that’s right.  We’re not Mexico!

Criminals are basically lazy individuals.  They victimize their neighbors more often than not.

Not only that, but Illinois residents can’t buy handguns outside of Illinois (legally), and they can’t buy long guns outside of Illinois or contiguous states.  So, it would seem that anyone with a modicum of intelligence greater than your average Blue Tick Coonhound (no offense to Blue Tick Coonhounds) would reasonably conclude that a majority of guns turning up in at crime scenes were probably originally purchased or stolen in Illinois or Indiana.

In other news, water is wet.  No need to credit Guns Save Life with that news tidbit.

You probably wouldn’t to be surprised to read that the bottom line of the Sun-Times hit piece is a call for still more freedom and liberty erosion in the form of new gun control from the Chicago Police Chief, right?

Good, because that’s exactly what that political hack named McCarthy is calling for.


Illinois, Indiana big source of guns used in Chicago crimes, say cops

After Chicago Police officers confiscated 125 guns in a series of citywide stings in late August, the department went to work investigating the path each weapon took from store to street.

…Investigators wanted to know how many of those guns were recovered less than 1,000 days after they were first sold. Authorities call those “short time-to-crime” guns.

Of those nine guns, four came from Illinois, three from Indiana, one from Kentucky and one from Arkansas. Six of the guns were recovered from the original buyer.

…The police analysis reinforced key findings of a University of Chicago Crime Lab study completed earlier this year.

The U of C study found that most guns recovered in crimes in Chicago come from Illinois and Indiana stores.

…To combat the problem of straw purchasing, McCarthy is proposing a law that would require gun owners in Illinois to file a report with the police every time one of their firearms is stolen, transferred or sold. So far, though, no one is sponsoring such a measure in the General Assembly, he said.

2 thoughts on “Hardly scientific activist “research” used to promote more gun restrictions”
  1. Since the US Supreme Court has ruled that felons have no legal obligation to willingly violate their 5th amendment right of no self incriminations Hyanes vs US 390, 85 1968, explain again what mandatory reporting a firearm stolen with penalties will actually do to recue violence, oh thats right, not one F-R-E-A-K-I-N-G thing.

    We see that the cummaltive brain pool on the police department there is rather low.

  2. “Six of the guns were recovered from the original buyer.”

    1) It would be interesting to know the reasons why those 6 were confiscated.

    2) That leaves three out of 125 were confiscated inside 3 years or thereabouts from other than the registered purchaser.

    3) How many people have been charged with felonies involving these firearms?

    My guess is; not many & the sentences given to those eventually convicted will be no more than a smack on the wrist.
    The PTB already HAVE the Laws & powers needed to place criminals who misuse firearms behind bars for a very long time….

    ….but they choose not to.

    Would it be cynical to think the reason for this is that it helps keep Joe Public fearful & ever more reliant on the State for his protection, thus guaranteeing employment for the LEO-Justice complex?

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