Days of our Trailers has a withering attack on the civil-rights hating Democratic hack Marty Moylan.

 He’s going to try and ban ’50 cal machine guns’ in Illinois.

Wait.  They’re already banned in this state.  What is he talking about then?  Oh right. He’s talking about semi-auto firearms like the AR-15, not ‘machine guns’. You know. ‘Assault Weapons’.

Notice the traditional alternating use of ‘Assault Rifles’,  ‘Assault Weapons’  and ‘machine guns’.  The usual anti-gunner dishonesty courtesy of Josh Sugarman of the VPC.

So Marty Moylan is a liar for putting this out (because only a complete ignoramus doesn’t know the difference anymore) and an idiot for thinking such tired, rehashed tripe wouldn’t get called out.


Marty Moylan is the same upstanding gentleman who cheerfully accepted a donation from a gun shop in his district, only to stab them in the back with his deceptive mailings.

The Illinois State Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund put this out about the Moylan’s skullduggery.

When the owners of a Des Plaines, IL gun shop contributed $1,000 to Marty Moylan’s election campaign fund, they probably assumed that Moylan would express his loyalty by watching out for their interests.  Little did the shop owners know that Moylan would double cross them by promising that, if elected to the 55th District House seat, he would pass legislation that would run them out of business.

In a campaign mail piece, Moylan pledged to pass legislation that would ban the sale of semiautomatic rifles, pistols and shotguns – all of which are popular with law-abiding hunters, sportsmen and target shooters.  Interestingly enough, the firearms Moylan seeks to ban are the mainstay of the business owned by his generous benefactors.  To make matters worse, Moylan’s proposed gun ban would drive hundreds of Illinois jobs and millions of tax dollars across the borders into neighboring states.

“Marty Moylan is running as the gun control candidate in the 55th District,” commented ISRA-PVF spokesman, Richard Pearson.  “He doesn’t care about how many businesses he will ruin or how many jobs he will cost Illinois citizens.  All Moylan cares about is pleasing Rahm Emanuel and his pals in the gun control movement.  As the gun shop owners now know, Moylan cannot be trusted to represent those who support him.  Moylan’s main interest is to cede political control of the 55th District to Emanuel’s Chicago Machine.”

With friends like Democrats like Marty Moylan and the Democratic Party of Illinois Chairman Michael Madigan, who needs any enemies, right?

Good thing Marty Moylan’s mom didn’t take the picture of him when he was in his mid-twenties or he could be Scumbag Marty, sort of like Scumbag Steve pictured above.