Mayor Rahm “The Ballerina” Emanuel.
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Chicago’s “leaders”, if you can call them that, are working hard to look as though they are doing “something” to lesson the violence plaguing their city.

The latest do-nothing effort by do-gooders in the Windy City to at least look “hip” and stylish with young people and “social media” followers ?

Asking for Twitter-types to Twit, er, we mean Tweet their suggestions for reducing violence in Chicago.

Here’s a story on the Blaze about the latest lackadaisical idiocy coming from from the bloviators at City Hall.  As our friends at Second City Cop say, the best part of the article is the comments, and even those aren’t all that great.

We can think of a couple that would surely be ignored by What if Chicago:

What if Chicago allowed it’s law-abiding residents to protect and defend themselves with firearms, both at home and in public?

What if Chicago deported illegal aliens?

What if Chicago banned criminal homicide?

Oh wait, murder is already banned!