Left to right: Sue Laker, Bruce Brown, David Martin (in van), David Swisher, and David Laker helped out on the Burma project.
Gun Save Life photo by John Naese.


Burma sign work report

September 19, 2012


At Guns Save Life, we do more before noon than most gun rights / civil rights organizations do all day. 

Six GSL members came out and volunteered to do the grunt labor required to make our Burma-Shave style signs available for the education of the viewing public.   Thanks to David and Sue Laker, David Martin, Bruce Brown, David Swisher, and John Naese for helping change slogans and do maintenance. 

We gathered at John’s house, and with a stop for supplies at Wal-Mart, proceeded to the west side of I-72 near White heath.  Driving through a grass waterway and a corn stalk field, we changed the slogan there to “Crooks are many, cops are few, crooks have guns, why can’t you?, Gunssavelife.com”.  We had to do a repair job to the third sign post in line, which had gone down due to wind, snapping off bolts at the bottom of one side and the top of the other.  A bit of digging, some judicious use of the Sawzall, and a bit of teamwork later, the posts and backer board were back in service.  With David Laker on the chain saw and everyone else pitching in with the machete and limb clippers, the brush was cleared away the that set was ready to educate the public for another season. 

We then moved to the other side of I-72 to work on the northbound set.  Wind and weather had done more damage here; two of the five backer boards will have to be replaced (we didn’t bring the replacements with us today).  But we removed the old boards and bolts (there’s that Sawzall again) and cleared the brush.  We also replaced the first and fourth signboards for the eventual slogan, “Tell your senator, when he runs, ban the criminals, not the guns, Gunssavelife.com”. 

Replacement backers are ready to go, and we’ll be back there next week to finish the job. 

David Martin provided the transportation!

If you have some free time and want to help with a maintenance party on an existing set, or installation of a new set, contact GSL’s Burma chairman, John Naese at 217 840-0246.  It’s fun and it really provides a service to this organization and the general public, by educating the public about the good things for which guns are used.