A road rage incident cost a Texas man his life as he failed to remember common courtesy and decency towards women.  It probably wasn’t the first time he was less than gentlemanly towards the fairer sex, but will certainly be the last time.  The woman in this case was on her way to work with her lawfully possessed and carried handgun.

When a man began beating on her window, she pulled out her gun.

He apparently didn’t get the message, or didn’t think she would follow through on using her safety rescue tool.

In any event, she shot him dead.


HCSO: Man shot to death at gas station after apparent road rage incident

HOUSTON (KTRK) — Homicide detectives converged on a northwest Harris County gas station We’re told a man was confirmed dead after being shot in a Shell gas station parking lot on F.M. 1960 at Perry Road. It happened around 7:15am after an apparent road rage incident, officials said.

Family members say a 23-year-old woman driving a Toyota Camry was involved in a minor fender bender with a man in a pickup truck. We’re told they pulled into the gas station parking lot and the man got out of his pickup truck and started beating on her window, threatening her. That’s when officials say she pulled out her gun and shot the man.


19 thoughts on “Big Bad Wolf gets perforated while threatening Little Red Riding Hood”
  1. Was he beating on the passenger side window? If he was beating on the drivers side window, and it’s unbroken, how did she shoot him?

    1. You can’t shoot through a car side window and not have it shatter into many tiny pieces. That’s what tempered glass does in ALL cases of breakage.

    2. a bullet will go so faft through glass that even though it will shatter the window glass will no fall out at first

  2. Most folks are scared of ladies with guns, because they will use them!!! Sorry for the loss of life here but let this be a lesson to all, be nice!!

  3. If that were MY daughter, she would have done the same thing if the circumstances were as they are described. 110 pound you lady with the appropriate attitude and tool(s) + large, threatening asshole = Colonel Colt’s theory proven again.

  4. SOrry guys but this ‘lady’ will ikely be in a heap of trouble even in Tx. We aren’t told in the story but the question remains, “would a ‘reasonable’ person have felt that they were in danger of death of great bodily harm?” If her door wsa locked and the safety glass between them was the ‘threat’ really ‘imminent’? (sp) Simply being scared is not sufficent to justify shooting &/or killing. Did she tell the man to ‘Go Away’. Did she lay on her horn to attract attention from the station attendant? Did she call 911 on her cell phone to request help? Was there time to do these things? What was the urgency factor? Did she shoot first rather than try to drive away and report the accident? She could get burned on this one and worse teh anti’s can point to this one as confirmation that armed citizens means road rage deaths.

    1. Texas has a Castle Doctrine law. If the report is accurate, the young lady will face no charges and definately not be in a “heap of trouble.”

  5. Paul, None of that matters. There was a disparity of size and position in this incident.

    Especially in Texas; she will be no-billed by the Grand Jury, if it even gets that far. Not likely.

    It is an act of overt violence to charge someone in a car, beat on the car, thereby threatening the women.

    A ‘reasonable’ person might believe he was trying to assault her or intimidate her due to the accident.

    I’m a reasonable person; I give her the benefit of the doubt.
    She’s off; scot-free and rightfully so.

  6. mmmm… something … missing … from this story. ??? Dont feel quite comfortable passing judgement on this one w/o MUCH more facts – woman r not. Hope the DA gets to the bottom of it. something odd about the whole thing.

  7. It’s a good thing Sperry, to read a commit from someone that knows about firearms training. I teach the
    disparity of force in my training. OhioConcealedCarryTrainingCenter,

  8. “he woman in this case was on her way to work with her lawfully possessed and carried handgun.’

    Why do people feel the need to put this pointless shit into articles like this?

  9. “dead after being shot in a Shell gas station parking lot….”

    I can undesrtand being shot in the chest, leg, arm or head but where the heck is a Shell gas station parking lot on ones body?

  10. I’d have to echo Bond’s comment… there’s something about this one that’s just doesn’t seem as cut and dried as it should be. Was he really that much of a threat? Was he actually trying to get to her?

    The report says “Family members say…” That’s weak, from the git-go. Family members? That’s it? Aren’t there any other witnesses?

    I don’t know, it just don’t set well with me as written.

  11. It is my understanding there are three witnesses who saw her shoot him through the window, then she got out of her car and shot him two more times. After he saw her point her gun at him he raised his hands and was backing away from her car when she shot him. I have a CHL and believe you have the right to protect yourself and family. She may have crossed the line if the story is factual.

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