by John Boch
By now we’ve all seen Obama’s Department of Justice, under the leadership of Eric Holder, taking action to block voter ID laws in several states, claiming a mandatory photo ID requirement to vote disenfranchises poor, black voters of their civil rights.

If we take that as in fact the case, even when the photo ID cards are provided at no charge to residents (as they are in South Carolina), then why isn’t “Fast and Furious” Eric Holder taking action against firearm owner identification laws in Illinois, New Jersey and Massachusetts?

Unlike the no-cost identification cards, Firearm Owner Identification cards cost money. Surely a requirement to purchase a photo ID card to legally exercise one’s civil right to own a gun is an undue burden to the poor, disenfranchising them from their civil rights, similar to the Poll Taxes following the Civil War.

Why isn’t the Obama administration stepping in to protect the Second Amendment civil rights?  Surely the right to own a gun is just as important as the right to vote is it not?

It seems that the true motive behind Eric Holder’s opposition to voter ID laws is politics and little more.