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Life isn’t easy, but it’s a lot harder when you make poor decisions.

Good parenting, education and a stable nuclear family are all important building blocks helpful to growing up a well-adjusted, civilized member of society.

It instills a sense of right and wrong, the ability to make good decisions, patriotism and a good work ethic in order to become a productive member of society and to help one make good decisions.

The problem is, there’s not nearly enough of all of the above in Chicago.

79% of eighth graders in Chicago can’t read.

40% of students in Chicago schools drop out.

And nearly 30% of black males without a high school diploma are in jail or prison.

The answer to the educational deficit in Chicago isn’t to throw more money at education, but to change attitudes in that community about getting a decent education so that one can get a decent job to make a living.

That would be the carrot.

For those who eschew civilized society and who would prey on the innocent for their entertainment or existence, then we need right-to-carry to allow the good guys the means to defend themselves and their family against violent criminal predators who have chosen to live outside of society’s norms.

The deterrent effect of not knowing if your next victim might be armed and able to defend themselves with lethal effect is the stick.  You don’t need to know how to read or multiply 5 times 9 to know that if you pull a gun on someone, they may not piddle themselves but instead proficiently pull their own – fully loaded with real bullets – and poke a few holes in you and leave you on the ground writhing in pain until you expire.

Until we change attitudes and pass right-to-carry for all of Illinois, we’ll get more of the violence in Chicago we see on a regular basis.  The violence that is present today in all corners in Chicago and everywhere in between.

Lil’ Joe.

It was on display Friday with the funeral of Joseph “Lil JoJo” Coleman’s gansta rap funeral in Chicago.

What happened to Lil’ Joe?

The 18-year-old got shot riding on a bike in Chicago’s violent streets.

So they had his funeral yesterday and it was quite the spectacle.

We’ll let you read about it.  It reads more like a funeral from a war-torn, third-world hellhole…

Oh but wait, that kinda does describe Chicago, doesn’t it?


Tensions erupt at wake for slain teen rapper Lil Jojo

Chicago (Sun-Times)

The crowd surges forward inside the funeral home.

Family, friends and gang members on Friday bid farewell to slain teen rapper Joseph “Lil JoJo” Coleman in a gangster rap funeral that was tainted by tension and fear, and ended with cops confiscating a loaded .45-caliber pistol.

While some mourners prayed in the Jones Funeral Home parlor — others smoked weed in the parking lot.

As family members paid their final respects, a crowd of young men eager to take a last look at Lil JoJo’s body surged toward his casket, nearly knocked it to the floor and pushed family members out of the way.

The music stopped.

Lil JoJo’s mother, Robin Russell, screamed into the microphone, “Get the f— out.”

Minutes later, Chicago police cleared the funeral home at 79th and Kedzie in the Ashburn neighborhood…

Shots fired

While the funeral procession meandered south to Mt. Hope Cemetery in the Morgan Park neighborhood, police got calls of shots being fired from a white car near 115th and Kedzie. Others called to report someone waving a gun out of a car window.

…As the funeral crowd dispersed, police from Chicago, Cook County and Merrionette Park converged on some cars outside the cemetery, searching the people inside and the cars.

Police closed down several blocks of 115th Street near Fairfield as they searched for guns.

Chicago police gang officers, some armed with assault rifles, swarmed the Kean Oil Company filling station at 111th Street and Talman, where a gang disturbance was reported. Police searched seven cars and SUVs and frisked about 30 people, including members of Lil JoJo’s family. Police found a loaded .45 caliber semiautomatic pistol in a white car. Late Friday, two people were in custody and charges were pending, police said.



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  1. Finally some good news! …as reported from THE ONION

    “Chicago Public Schools Celebrate Fifth Straight Day Without Any Student Violence”

  2. It’s sad he lost his life to violence in the streets its rough out here no one is safe I just pray that he protect us and that Jojo family can find some piece its sad that a mother has to bury her son

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