(GunNews) – At least three members of Guns Save Life have approached our leadership asking, “What’s up with Dick’s?” in response to our members’ recent experiences purchasing ammunition at the store.

“It’s a new law,” one member said he was told, while another member was told it was because the Dick’s chain is now selling AR-15s in their stores.

Guns Save Life’s GunNews Editors John Boch and John Naese stopped by Friday morning, September 14th and talked with the Champaign, IL store manager David Eades to seek clarification.

Mr. Eades said that the company had recently changed policy, chain-wide, and was now asking purchasers of ammunition to verify they are U.S. citizens before allowing them to complete ammunition purchases.

This is the message that Dick’s Sporting Goods is asking ammunition purchasers prior to completing an ammo transaction.

18 USC 922 (d) It shall be unlawful for any person to sell or otherwise
dispose of any firearm or ammunition to any person knowing or
having reasonable cause to believe that such person –

(5) who, being an alien –
(A) is illegally or unlawfully in the United States;

In Illinois, with the requirement of the FOID card for ammunition and firearm purchases, the cashiers at the point of sale are also being asked to enter the purchaser’s FOID card number as a verification that the cashier did indeed see a valid FOID card before completing the sale.

Yes, this policy to enter the FOID number as part of the transaction is a more than any Illinois law requires, but it protects the company from government claims in Illinois that they are selling ammunition without ensuring purchasers have a FOID card.

“So, are you recording the ammo purchases somewhere?” Naese asked the store’s manager.

Eades answered, “Nope, not at all.  It’s just a formal verification that the cashier saw that the buyer had a FOID card.  Nothing more.”

As for selling AR-15s, Eades said the company is selling AR-15s now and that the company is keeping electronic gun logs.  The biggest factor with selling ARs is that the company is doing its best to ensure purchasers of ARs aren’t residents in the handful of local communities in Illinois that prohibit possession of America’s favorite rifle.

“One of the problems we’re facing is the State Police not issuing new FOID cards after address changes.  We must have some sort of address verification if a gun purchaser writes down an address other than what’s printed on their FOID card,” Eades said.  “Sometimes that can be a problem for people who have moved recently.”

After talking with the friendly and helpful manager, we sauntered back and decided to test out this ammo purchase process personally.

It was just as the store’s manager explained it.  The cashier did ask for Mr. Naese’s full name and zip code because he had a “Scorecard” but didn’t have it on his person.

When Mr. Boch said he didn’t have a “Scorecard” on the following transaction, no such questions about name and address were asked, but the girl did enter his FOID card number.

John Naese comparing the Zombie Max version of .30-30 with the standard “Flex-tip” Hornady rounds.
John Boch with the Zombie ammo for Rule 308.



40 thoughts on “Dick’s Sporting Goods new ammo purchase policy clarified…”
  1. I’d like for us to see something in writing from Dick’s corporate management that states that they are not recording that FOID card number in their system along with the transaction.

    Somehow, I can’t believe that a cashier enters it and it’s not recorded in their logs along with what ammo you purchase. The transaction entry includes type and qty of ammo purchased AND your FOID card. I know they retain transaction records.

    IF they aren’t recording the FOID number, they why not just a yes/no type of question? They aren’t recording your proof of citizenship, and that question’s just as important, probably more so since that’s a federal law.

    I won’t be buying any additional ammo at Dick’s until I have more reassurance than the verbal statement from one store manager.

    1. Do you carry your Passport with you for your daily errands and shopping?
      By recording the FOID #, they have a record that they positively asked for the card. Without that #, it’s just a “he said, she said” situation, and they face potential penalties from the State.
      But, they should clarify that their software is of a sufficient sophistication that they can store the record of the FOID card without a link to the actual purchase.
      BTW, why don’t you citizens of IL have your elected representatives repeal the requirement for a FOID?
      It would seem that it is a Prior Restraint on a Constitutional Right.
      End of Problem!

    2. Everyone bashes on IL FOID’s but never see anyone mention that you have to have one in TX as well. Wonder what the difference is?

    3. I have purchased long guns in Texas despite being a resident of another state – no special card needed. Also, one does not have to be a citizen to legally purchase a firearm (or ammo)from a FFL in America. Being here legally is what matters. If a legal alien has a hunting license they can also have a gun.

    4. LOL, I can buy all the ammo I wish in Texas and the only thing I have to show is the money necessary to make the purchase. There is no “card” needed.

    5. yes yo do have to be a citizen of the US OR have papers say that you are here legally i dont know where you got you r info on not being a citizen from but you are very wrong
      the 4473 has a question that you must answer with a “YES” you are a citizen of the US in order to buy a firearm

    6. NO ID REQUIRED IN TEXAS other than if you appear to be younger than 21. At 50 y/o I beg them to look at my ID, but only get laughed at.

    7. You do not have to be an American Citizen to purchase a firearm in America!!!! You just have to prove your here legally.

  2. I would add that the Champaign Meijer store has been doing this for some time.

    As for concerns about Dick’s maintaining a log: Who do you think the feds are going to look to first for ammo sales if there’s some issue? The Dick’s store where people buy a box or two or the Internet retailers that ship ammunition by the case (or by the pallet).

    The UPS man considers himself lucky when he doesn’t need a hand-cart to bring my ammo purchases into the office where I work.

    While everyone’s got a different level of “concern” about big brother tracking purchases, I’m not worried in the least about small-potatoes ammo purchases at Dicks being used against me.

    John B.

    1. Agreed. I could care less about the government knowing how much ammunition I buy. Doesnt hurt me any by them knowing.

    1. I don’t shot there anyways!!! Prices are to high,, Walmart cheapest ammo prices around unless you buy bulk…or find a short deal..

  3. No more shopping at Dicks for me.
    As a non resident alien, I am allowed to purchase ammunition so long as I hold a valid hunting license from ANY state in the US, or have a written invitation to a sporting event involving shooting.
    This is clearly laid out in the part of USC922 here:

    (2) Exceptions. – Subsections (d)(5)(B), (g)(5)(B), and
    (s)(3)(B)(v)(II) do not apply to any alien who has been lawfully
    admitted to the United States under a nonimmigrant visa, if that
    alien is –
    (A) admitted to the United States for lawful hunting or
    sporting purposes or is in possession of a hunting license or
    permit lawfully issued in the United States;

    Could someone point out this omission to Dicks?

    1. The only question I get when I buy ammo is “paper or plastic?” You blame Dick’s Sporting Goods. I blame you sheep in IL. You vote these idiots into office that make you have a FOID card to be able to exercise your god given rights. Or deny you the right to self protection. I love Arizona! I don’t have to go to the government to ask for permission to open carry, conceal carry, buy a firearm(s) practice, or purchase ammo. Change the politicians, change the laws! Don’t blame. Change! Don’t be a poor victim!

    2. Amen!!! Illinois makes it so hard to get ammunition and guns, it’s no wonder they have a seriously high crime rate. Here in Ohio, as long as the person is old enough to buy the ammo, and hasn’t been delayed on a gun transfer, we sell it to them. Period, end of story.

    3. Wish more states were like Az. I live in SC and have not been asked this question about ammo or to produce an id to purchase ammo. Anytime I have purchased a gun I show my CWP and I am usually done in minutes with whole transaction

    4. Oh wait, you mean to tell me there is more than a presidential election every four yeats?? But its so much easier to complain than to take the time and responsiblity to educate myself about local politics, let the c-span geeks deal with that. Im too busy keeping up with the jones…they just bought a new mercedes ya’ know…

    5. That’s a bit of a blanket statement, lawmakers will often enact a law and then everyone has to deal with the reprecussions later no matter what even if legislators leave and can be a very long drawn out procoess.
      BTW I go to AZ quite frequently and as a RI resident and active duty navy stationed in San Diego I’m allowed to buy long guns as long 1. buy CA compliant firearms, 2. lie and just say I’m just visiting so i can buy stuff without bullet buttons, won’t do that as i’m likely going to retire there and like the store overall but the 2 times I’ve mentioned it they freaked out with the last time a sales associate nearly had a anuerisim when I asked him to provide me with store policy explaining why and if there was a recent change to the law. BUT when dove season popped up there where signs all over the place claiming if you were an out of state resident to come on down.

    6. Thanks for the advice, I hadn’t thought about voting them out.
      Maybe you could help us poor sheep and send a donation to one of our pro gun groups.

    7. Gee… Who woulda thought? It’s so simple… Vote out the assholes….. Noooo problem.

      Maybe if all of the damn IL politicians weren’t easily bought, we would be a much better state. Instead this hole has become a haven for criminals and murderers. No more death penalty in IL. Tougher rules for LE on evidence involving firearms= harder to prosecute said criminals. And god forbid you protect yourself in your home with a firearm… Il. sucks ass but I can’t go anywhere and just leave my daughter. Something beyond tragic will have to happen before this state government pulls there head out of their ass. I guess all the murders and home invasions aren’t enough….

  4. Let me see if I have this straight: For the right to vote, NO ONE has to prove their a citizen, but to buy ammo at Dick’s we DO?
    F— Dick’s.

    Edited by jboch for non-family appropriate language.

  5. A year ago I was in a Dick’s when I heard the gun room manager say “you have to be 21 to buy a handgun”. I told the customer she was correct regarding sales of “new” handguns from licensed dealers but that a person who is 18 or older can legally buy a handgun from an individual. The manager went ballistic. She screamed that I was WRONG! We couldn’t get her to calm down. She said her husband was a retired Navy Armorer and she knew what she was talking about. I left the store to avoid getting booted out. Weird people. Some states restrict this but most do not.

  6. Just don’t shop at Dick’s also vote the Liberial pussy’s out of office! In Arizona I have no problems buying ammo at “Sprotsman”, “Bass Pro”, “Cabelas” or any gun shop! So boycot Dick’s and all the Liberial pussy’s!

  7. Several weeks ago I bought a brick of .22 long rifle at WalMart. When I got to the cashier to check out, she asked if they were for a pistol. I replied what does that matter. She said that if they were for a pistol she could not sell them to me because she was to young. I told her I owned a rifle. She rang up the shells , I paid,and that was that. I did not persue the matter further, cause i smelled a rat.

    1. It is “secede” you illiterate.

      And you people think that we are not trying to vote in good people? Chicago is filled.with welfare liberals that control the vote.

      Way to condemn the rest of the state because of one city. Get bent.

  8. Get off your computers, restore and protect your Right to Bear Arms via the legislative process. You are the patriots on the ground floor. “I’m sick and tired and I’m not going to take it any more!” Join an organization in your area that supports your rights. Start your own! They have listened to the other side for a long time, let your voice be know.

  9. “As for selling AR-15s, Eades said the company is selling AR-15s now and that the company is keeping electronic gun logs.”

    They’d better not be doing this in Florida. With the exception of ATF Forms 4473, any other record kept by a retailer which contains the purchaser’s name and firearm description constitutes a third degree felony under §790.335 Florida Statutes.

    1. I’m sure you’re well aware of the requirement for licensed dealers to keep an Acquisition & Diposition record, which is part of the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968. Florida law doesn’t trump Federal law.

    2. They are doing the same thing Walmart and Gander Mtn. do, it’s an electronic Form 4473. That’s what she’s referring to. Of course different states have different laws; in some states you have to fill out a separate state form to purchase firearms and/or ammo, most of those states don’t really give a rat’s ass about protecting your anonymity when purchasing guns and ammo, they WANT your name in their databases because they think you’re a dick for even wanting a gun or ammo. It is a blatant, disgusting and illegal violation of the 2A, 5A and 4A… But gun grabbers, banners, controllers, etc. don’t care about the Constitution or any part of the Bill of Rights. And, unfortunately, neither do a significant number of distracted, self-absorbed dullards who call themselves Americans.

    1. Firearms Owners IDentification (FOID) card. It’s an unconstitutional restriction on people’s Rights to transact firearms and ammunition. It requires that in order to purchase firearms and ammunition you pay a fee to the state, register and show the card for every purchase–otherwise it is a criminal offense for retailers to sell to you and for you to buy. It’s one of the thousands of unconstitutional infringements on the Rights of people to freely trade arms, commonly referred to as “gun laws”. They are required in anti-freedom states like Illinois, California, etc.

  10. FOID – Fuc*ed over Id card! Hahahaha, its crazy, you guys really got a raw deal, we have some stupid laws in Ct, but when I want ammo, I either go to the local gun shop or to wally world, reload my own or order them on line…… I do agree that they are keeping records of who is buying ammo, it has to be on a hard drive somewhere if the info is entered, if they were given a yes or no choice, video surveillance would show a customer handing the salesperson a card…just IMHO….

  11. Okay folks, listen up. Use to work for Dick’s Sporting Goods, and I fought long and hard to get changes done in favour of shooting rights. So, lemme lay it down for you.

    This is done not to track sales or to have a record of who is buying what. It’s to ensure that the cashiers aren’t being lazy as shit and not bothering to verify themselves. There are plenty of kids that like to go through and try to get ammunition, this is to ensure that the cashiers are following all the company rules when it comes to ammunition sales.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a load of bullshit as well, but believe me this is not part of the grand scheme to track ammunition and weapon buyers. This is to make sure that the lazy eighteen year old is doing their job.

    *Source: Former employee with DSG.

  12. I live out here in New Mexico, I don’t think we even have a dick’s sporting goods, but I do find it laughable that everyone is so offended that you have to enter a number of a card that you are not required under the Constitution to have in the first place. That’s what I would be offended about.

    The process of entering the # would be admissible in court if they got sued, even if they kept no records of the transactions. So they might not be actually lying.

    Even if they did keep records, no one would ever have any way of knowing who is hoarding and who is shooting it.

    Perhaps this argument could be rationed with a certain amount of common sense?

  13. The policy is the same at DSG in Massachusetts and goes one step further most of the time by requiring the employee in The Lodge to bring your ammo or firearm purchase to the register. I no longer buy anything at Dick’s. It’s bad enough that I have to put up with bs laws in this state, but to have a retailer go beyond the law and increase the time of my purchase is ridiculous. As well, if your info is entered into their POS system you can be sure that there is a permanent record of the transaction in the system. I pay cash for my purchases to protect my privacy as much as possible. I’ll pay an extra $1-$2 for a box of ammo at a shop that protects my privacy, not exploit it.

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