The Daily Caller has a great interview by the NRA’s Chris Cox with Mitt Romney.

We thought we’d share a couple of questions with you.

Yes, we know Romney has signed anti-gun legislation in the past.  Yes, we know Romney is a long way from perfect.

Anyway, here is and excerpt:


Cox: Would you support the reimposition of a federal ban on semi-automatic firearms incorrectly called “assault weapons?”

Gov. Romney: No. I do not support any additional laws to restrict the right to keep and bear arms.

Cox: Would you support legislation to provide national reciprocity for Right-to-Carry permit holders so that they can protect themselves when they’re traveling outside their home states?

Gov. Romney: Absolutely. Fundamental rights don’t disappear when we cross state borders, and self-defense is a fundamental right.

Compare and contrast those public statements with this guy, who pledges to work under the radar to enact more gun control – with programs like Fast and Furious and the edict that multiple long-gun purchases in certain states be reported:
or this guy
Or maybe this guy who bows to:
The Japanese Prime Minister…


The Chinese President.



The Chinese Premier…


Or the Saudis…
Or even Tampa’s Mayor…