Works about as well as gun control…

Paying tribute to thugs to ‘prevent’ crime nets us this gem…

(GunNews) – Ceasefire Illinois got a million dollars from the City of Chicago earlier this summer to hire ex-convicts to “mediate” disputes between violent criminals and to “prevent” crime.

It’s true.  This isn’t April Fool’s and sadly, it’s not a joke:

Chicago (Sun-Times) – Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Friday he’s proceeding with caution in forging a city partnership with CeaseFire Illinois ­ and not writing a “blank check” ­ to make certain ex-offenders hired by the group are “preventing crime, not committing it.”

The Chicago Sun-Times reported this week that at least six people have been charged with committing drug-related crimes while on CeaseFire’s payroll over the past five years.

Desperate to reverse a 50 percent increase in Chicago homicides fueled by gang violence, Emanuel said he still plans to use the anti-violence group…   …The mayor said he remains convinced that CeaseFire and the interveners it uses to mediate gang conflicts can be “a partner in fighting gang violence.”

[How CeaseFire claims to work:]
…[M]ore than 300 ex-offenders hired by CeaseFire over the past decade to mediate conflicts to prevent shootings.  About 100 CeaseFire workers in Chicago currently intervene in violent disputes.


So, what has Chicago got so far this year besides further arrests (here and here) of street pharmacists claiming to be CeaseFire “Mediators”?

Bumper stickers.


It’s better than that…  Here’s what they are doing with them.

Hat tip to our friends at Second City Cop.