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Chicago (Guns Save Life) – Second City Cop is reporting today on a rumor making the rounds that a burglar was shot and wounded by a police officer’s wife while her husband was away.

One of the virulently anti-gun high-ranking members of the department, so the story goes, demanded the wife be arrested for unlawful use of weapons for employing the gun but the detectives on scene refused, landing the detectives in hot water with this particular member of the brass.

They are also after the scalp of the officer himself for violation of the city’s policy on guns in the home.

8-20-040  Firearms kept or maintained in a home.

Subject to section 8-20-050, every person who keeps or possesses a firearm in his home shall keep no more than one firearm in his home assembled and operable.  If more than one person in the home has a valid CFP and registration certificate, each person with a valid CFP and registration certificate is entitled to have one such firearm assembled and operable in the home.  All other firearms kept or possessed by that person in his home shall be broken down in a nonfunctioning state or shall have a trigger lock or other mechanism, other than the firearm safety mechanism, designed to render the firearm temporarily inoperable.     The provisions of this section shall not apply to peace officers.

More as it becomes available.

And if this pans out as written, we say kudos to the officer’s wife.  And GSL Defense Training will offer her a free seat at our next defensive handgun class to assist her with her in improving her aim and tactical shooting skills.



2 thoughts on “Rumors in Chicago: Police brass want charges against cop’s wife for using gun against burglar”
  1. Here’s another example of why the Windy City has so much crime, especially burglary, robbery and home invasions. This police “official” who is persecuting that brave woman ought to be fired! A police official, of all people, who abuses his own men does not belong in law enforcement.

  2. What would have happened to joe citizen’s wife in a similar circumstance? If indeed the police officer’s wife broke the law, she should have been treated as if she were any other citizen.

    Maybe if the police see that they, and their non-LEO family members have to run the same risk as ordinary citizens, then they will be more likely to support “our” rights to determining what tools we use for self-defense.

    I support concealed carry and the right to defend yourself, but those rights should be equally applied across the board. But, where was the police “outrage” when someone unconnected to the LEO community shot a burglar?

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