Homicides in Chicago are way up this year.
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Chicago (Guns Save Life) – Homicides in Chicago have spiked dramatically this year, up 27% over 2011 as of August 16, 2012.  The shocking truth, though, is that over three-quarters of homicides in Chicago have gone unsolved, according to sources inside the Chicago Police Department.

According to Second City Cop, only 80 of 336 homicides have been solved, leaving 256 cases under investigation – an incredible 74.19% unsolved as of August 16th.

Home of Illinois’ toughest gun restrictions and even bans on many firearms commonly owned elsewhere in the state, Chicago has long seen the state’s highest violent crime rate.

Just last week, a Texas woman was murdered at the exclusive Whitehall Hotel on the Gold Coast.  When word spread of the homicide, well-healed tourists checking out of both the hotel and the city.

In addition to a explosive growth in homicide numbers, wilding attacks have grown increasingly common as well.  One attack last month proved fatal for a 62-year-old father of twelve working to support his family, killed by young thugs playing the “knockout game”.

Both Guns Save Life and the Illinois State Rifle Association have recommended to members and friends that they avoid Chicago for business and leisure because of the spiraling violence growing increasingly common, including in parts of the city where this crime was unheard of in past years.

Don’t become the next victim of violent crime.  Avoid travel to Chicago.

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