The mental giant (cough) Illinois Attorney General lost again in recent days.  This makes his second huge loss in as many days.  This time, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals out of Chicago vacated a lower court decision in Miller about the Land of Lincoln’s gun ban for home daycares and adoptive parent homes.

This would be his third huge loss on near-and-dear causes to the Governor.  The first being a failure to defend the “NO CASH BAIL” law, then the failure to defend Pritzker’s new gun ban and now this.  Wow.

Yes, this is a David Sigale case (via ISRA and the SAF) or we believe it to be.  Congrats Mr. Sigale.  You (finally) won one!  Sincerely, congratulations.

In short, the Seventh Circuit reversed the lower court “pre-Bruen” decision allowing the unconstitutional infringement on gun owners’ rights at in-home daycare centers and in the homes of adoptive parents.  They sent it back to district court with instructions to try again, this time under the Bruen “text, history and tradition” standard of evaluating the case.

Once more, the Second Amendment’s new “supercharged right” carries the day.

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2 thoughts on “Kwame loses… YET AGAIN”
  1. It is good to see the Seventh Circuit reversing and remanding the case back to the district with fairly detailed instructions. Now someone should file a Motion to Vacate (or other proceeding consistent with law) the Highland Park rifle ban ruling under the same logic, and the fact that SCOTUS recently reversed and remanded a ruling finding Maryland’s rifle ban constitutional.

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