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Chicago MC raffles 6 ARs and 2 pistols to benefit fallen officer families

April 26, 2013




How would you like a crack at winning one of eight guns, including six variations of America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15 in one shot?

Call I get a “Heck YEAH!”?

I thought so.

You wanna know what makes this event even more special?  Several reasons.

1.  It’s being organized in the heart of the beast, Chicago, land of the low-information politicians who believe you shouldn’t be able to have America’s favorite rifle to defend yourself and family from violent criminal predators like Marcus E. Harris that we profiled yesterday.

2.  The event benefits the families of fallen police officers.

3.  It’s held in Chicago, the center of the anti-gun universe.

4.  You’ve got six chances to win on a single $5 ticket.

5.  You can say you won a AR-15 from Chicago if you win.

6.  They aren’t using MegaSports as their FFL.

7.  If you win, you can send your picture to Rahm, or McSh!tforBrains Streetlight Assassin, and invite him to shoot with you at your favorite downstate range sometime.

Guns include:

Colt LE6920 Carbine
Sig Sauer M400 Enhanced
Bushmaster M4 Carbine
S&W MP15
2 S&W 642 Airweights

Okay, how do you get tickets?


5049 W. Lake St. Chicago

(And we’re hoping, soon to be GSL member.)

CONTACT HIM AT:  montanabound@outlook.com

Or contact templar223 at comcast.net for an address to send your check.

Thinking “Motorcycle Club”?  “Oh, man, are those guys like Hell’s Angels?”

Uh, no.  All MCs aren’t bad news.

Here’s some information about the American Knights MC.

I sent ’em $50.  Might have to send more as finances permit it.

I daresay this is a nicer drawing than the coming GSL Great Guns V drawing which will feature and Rock River AR-15 Entry Tactical (with Dominator 2 sight mount), a Kel-Tec PMR-30 (their 30-round .22 Mag pistol which feels like it would be a blast to shoot).

Great Guns V will start here in the next few weeks when we have the rifle.  Drawing date will probably be at the October 2013 GSL meeting in Rantoul.

One Response to Chicago MC raffles 6 ARs and 2 pistols to benefit fallen officer families

  1. todd on April 28, 2013 at 7:17 pm

    what have i missed? whats going on with megasports?