Just some of the guns rejected by a representative of the Chicago Mayor’s office at the May 14th Chicago Gun Buyback.


White folks need not apply.


That was the message Guns Save Life took away from a foray up to the Windy City Saturday morning, May 14th, to trade unwanted firearms in for $100 pre-paid credit cards.  Our experience felt surreal to say the least in this era when profiling – especially racial profiling – is a big no-no, especially in government service.

It all began this morning as five Caucasian members of Guns Save Life waited surreptitiously in line at a Chicago gun buyback location.  Out of the blue, my wife and I were told by a surly, middle-aged woman from the Mayor’s office that “we won’t be taking those today” in reference to a dozen plus long guns my wife and I brought.

I asked if she had an interest in a zip gun and held it up.  She looked at it like I held a dog turd and said, “I don’t know what that is,” and walked away.  Pearls before swine.

We left.


The remaining people in the lobby were asking, “Why did they turn those people away?  Aren’t they trying to take guns off the streets?”  Our remaining members just shrugged their shoulders and sat idly by waiting to get called in.


Fifteen minutes later, each of our Caucasian members were ejected by the surly woman.

As we chatted with very amiable and professional Chicago PD officers, we watched two other Caucasian males turned away over the course of the next half-hour.

In short, we watched first-hand as every Caucasian person who walked into the facility were curtly told their firearms would not be accepted, while African-American individuals with similar quantities and types of firearms were welcomed with open arms.  



The reason given directly to some of our people kicked out?  “This is for members of the community.”  Ironically, two of the three individuals who were told this live and work in Cook County.  The third lives in a nearby suburb.


Chicago cops:  “We missed a chance to make a real arrest”

We visited with a pair of Chicago’s finest outside after getting the heave ho.  The plainclothes cops seemed genuinely concerned for our safety and well-being and even helped me load the long guns back into my vehicle.  My lovely bride and I left and we returned about fifteen minutes later after the others in our contingent were rejected and the officers came back over.

I introduced myself properly, and they chuckled when I told them what we did in 2013 with Chicago’s gun buyback (FoxNews story).  The younger cop looked at my card and grinned.  I got the impression he remembered it.  Neither of them had any love for the gun buyback.

We had a great visit with them for upwards of a half-hour.

I asked if they were working overtime for the event.  Nope.  This was their regular shift and they were detailed to this gun buyback.

“We missed a chance to make a real arrest,” one said.  They had a call of a man with a gun just two or three blocks away earlier in the morning, and they couldn’t leave the detail to arrest a “real bad guy”.

So real criminals in Chicago are left free on the streets because cops are tied up on the mayor’s feel-good program.


The officers also quickly and emphatically distanced themselves from the surly woman who kicked us to the curb.  “She’s not with us,” one said.  They noted how she was from the mayor’s office and had the key to the safe with the pre-paid gift cards.

Inside, before getting ejected, one of our party overheard the mayor’s flack explaining to a member of the media why she rejected my wife and I – people with guns.  “Oh, they are gun dealers who want to unload guns that won’t sell,” she told him.

Pressed for how she’s identifying these dealers by sight alone.  “You can tell who’s from the neighborhood and who’s not.”

For the record I’m not a dealer.  My C&R license expired last year and I had exactly one gun on my “books”.


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44 thoughts on “WHITE FOLKS NOT WANTED: Mayor’s office racially profiles at Chicago gun buyback”
  1. Back of the bus white folk!!
    You’re not equal.
    There’s your white privledge.

  2. Just proves what a lot of city dwellers are saying. Rahm is continuing the daley plan. Get the guns away from “those people”. Rahm is the racist. Like Bloomberg said on a radio talk show got to get the Black men between 17-35 away from the guns”.

  3. Next year you need some people of color to turn the junk guns. That way GSL can get money from the mayor,s office 🙂

  4. If the foot were on the other shoe….civil rights lawsuit,…. massive demonstrations, ….thugging and looting, ….al-notso-Sharpton and jesse jack-em-up-son boycotts, …etc, etc., etc. blackliesmatter but only in shitcago and only if shot by a caucasion.

    1. I’m surprised the black community isn’t (pardon the pun) up in arms over this either. The mayor’s office will disarm Black people, but white people get to keep their guns??

  5. Chicago gun “buyback”, …not so fair,
    iffn you aint black,…we don’t care (about your guns)

  6. Can you imagine if that same woman were not-so-subtly discriminating about black folks?

    Oh, wait! That would never happen. Democrats don’t discriminate against blacks. They keep them enslaved on the plantation instead.

    1. Hank —
      I see this buy back as definitely anti-Black discrimination.
      They are disarming-by-buying-from the Blacks, and refusing to disarm-by-buying-from whites.

  7. So, were any of you dealers?

    I am guessing not… I don’t think the BATF would accept “Chicago gun buyback” as a disposition in the log book.

    Corruption at its finest. This giveaway is for Rahm voters, not you blue eyed devils.

    1. Had this very conversation with someone Skeptic. If I tried this as an FFL the ATF would be out for an ‘inspection’ in short order and I’d be in deep trouble.

  8. Those look shootable. Why sell them to Shitcago? Or do they have some issues?

  9. Save the buy backs that didn’t sell. Next year find the appropriate GSL representative that “appears” to come from the “neighborhood.”

    1. Have him dress up like the local “hood rats”, ball cap on sideways, pants down to his knees, boxers hanging out, looking over his shoulder like he is expecting to get “busted” any minute with his “felony shoes” on ready to “rabbit” outta there. I’m sure he would fit right in then, ya think?

  10. I was a witness to this. Pro-gun, anti-gun, no-interest-in-guns – anyone could see that it was clearly cultural, if not racial, profiling. Quite shocking.

  11. There must not be any White people living in Chiraq. As Rahm says never let a crisis slip by. He only wants to disarm the non white populous.

  12. Sad that you didn’t have video of her rejecting your request to turn in the firearms and also her telling others that you were gun dealers that just wanted to get rid of non selling items.
    I’m not sure, but I’d believe with the right lawyer bringing this to the right media outlet it might have been able to cause some dismay to those who put forth this so called program of trying to get guns off the street.

    1. Next time, bring a video camera and I mean one the size of the 1980’s models….

      I bet money the Mayors rep will be miles the F* away to not get caught on camera reverse discriminating.

  13. They probably would have looked less foolish if the would have just let you unload those guns. Cause I bet you’re really gonna spank ’em when you do sneak them in.

  14. Followup? I know it’s very new, but you ARE going to sue the city, aren’t you?

    This is TYPICAL of city government.

    Same with the crook county court system. I have seen the ugly face of black racism and there’s no worse racism than an angry black female judge getting back at whitey for a lifetime of PERCEIVED (i.e., IMAGINED) discrimination.


  15. That’s awesome, you had ’em both ways. If they bought your guns, you’d have fooled them. If they didnt, you’d have them as fools this way. Like shooting fish in a barrell in shitcago. Heroes!

    1. PoPo don’t even bother to show a united front bc they know how unfixable those city animals are = hilarious. City of people who cant find their asses with both hands. Bahaha.

  16. I checked this morning and Second City Cop picked this up and wrote a nice piece about this. Jim

  17. I wonder if they documented info on the people with their weapons so that they can press charges against them when the serial numbers on the weapons are checked; But then this is Chicago subsidize the criminals with $100 and then make a profit by selling the items back.

  18. John you guys are scaring me. Are the pictures shown a representation of the guns taken or are they the actual guns that were taken to chi-town?

    If they are the actual guns then may I ask what’s wrong with the 20 Gauge stevens shotgun?

    I realize the 12 ga single shot look like crap but why is that gun not being reconditioned.

    He these are in fact the guns taken to chi-town you guys at GSL need to join some gunsmithing web sites your getting rid of some nice project guns.

  19. Exactly, I would pay $100 for more than a couple of those guns. Maybe not the Bryco/Jennings/Raven/Davis whatevers but certainly some of the revolvers which look to be serviceable. None of them appear to be RGs which is a really good sign.

  20. the CZ looks serviceable too… looks only a little more worn than mine does and mine works great as long as I don’t try to use that junk Chinese ammo.

  21. The CZ might hypothetically have had a double-charge of powder blow up the internals. The Stevens shotgun? LOL. It was spray painted pretty black colors from a rusty hunk, sans a number of parts. Yes, it shoots. It was my shed gun for a couple of years, not because I thought it was a great catch, but because I didn’t care if it rusted. And the bolt falls out when open too – a very annoying feature.

    Yes, several of the 32s work. When was the last time you shot a S&W .32? I had NEVER fired one until I test fired a few. And it took me eight stores before I found one that sold .32 S&W. I’m not the only one not shooting .32 S&Ws.

    Yes, they are serviceable. Yes, they are for sale if you want them, via face-to-face transactions following all applicable laws. $100 each. Frankly though, I think your money is better spent elsewhere than buying a 100-year-old .32 S&W that kinda works.


    1. i am very concerned about you guys up North. SO you have a Black Painted stevens shotgun and you dont know you can replace the bolt slide stop to keep the bolt from coming out.

      You should see some of the project guns that are refurbished on some of these gun smithing web sites. At a guy just refurbished a real bubba mauser. He took a piece of junk and turned it into a nice gun. Primary cost was elbow grease and brain power.

  22. The 16-ga sawed off was my favorite. It’s my “Mad Max” gun and looks like I’ll get to keep it a little longer.

    Yes, I measured it and it’s legal.

    1. That’s actually not a bad idea. If we turn into Venezuela those clunkers could become very valuable overnight.

      Some ole 16’s had thick barrels the same diameter as a 12 gauge. If that ole 16 is the thicker version barrel it could be drilled and re-chambered to a 12 gauge.

      My great grandfather re-drilled a lot of ole 16’s and turned them into 12’s.

      Most of the Ole 16’s had corrosion damage from the fulminated mercury primers so drilling them out cleaned up some problems.

      Some of those single shot guns where traded for with a weaning pig. One health 40-50 pig in a gunny sack could get you a shotgun in southern Illinois.

      My Dad would go and stay with his grandfather during the spring and fall. dad said his grandfather would make gun parts buy hand, drill out barrels of an evening instead of listening to the radio or reading.

      Please understand this was before everyone had a TV and it was back when this state was free. (No FOID cards)

  23. Of course they didn’t want guns from white people in Chicago, it’s not the white people who are shooting each other by the dozen in Chicago every weekend.

  24. No video of this? Taking guns from blacks and not whites on video would be gold. You should know better than this…

  25. I’m VERY surprised to hear another downstate IL white group tried this – another group did the same thing a few years ago and were told in no uncertain words never to come back – it was plainly said the the gun buyback $$$$ BELONGED to the black community – it’s Ghetto Christmas in June ….

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