Bill Oglesby, the internationally-known exhibition shooter and an encyclopedia of firearm-related knowledge joined us at our Sangamon County meeting in April. He said he was well enough to be out of the hospital for a few days.

He began by talking up the virtues of revolvers, including Old West Guns. “What goes around comes around.”

“They’re devastating once you know how to use them,” he said. They’re solid, traditional, reliable and relatively easy for new shooters to use. And so much more.

You would think he’s not a fan of plastic guns including Glocks. (They’re “okay” he said.) He loves his revolvers and 1911 .45s. He opened it up to questions and that proved the best part of the night.

Does bullet weight really matter?
Yes. Bill recommended lighter bullets in lighter revolvers for less perceived recoil.

What’s your favorite caliber?
.357 Magnum. With the proper loads you can shoot anything (from wax bullets) up to polar bears with a gun chambered for .357 Magnum. This includes the wide range of loads for .38 Special.

Barrel length?
Doesn’t really matter. Use the proper powder though. Faster-burning powders for snubbies, slower burning for 4” plus. “You don’t give up much with the right powder and the right bullet.”

Hammerless vs. Hammer?
Hammer please! More weight equals more inertia to make a proper indentation on the primer to detonate the priming compound. “High primers” (improperly seated) will cause misfires and can tie up a cylinder.

Cerakote vs. Refinishing?
Cerakote is cheaper but generally pretty good when done well.

Favorite pistol of all time?
Easy: Colt Single Action. The Ruger Single Action to shoot. The Colt to point. And you need to point a gun well to stop a threat. “If you shoot someone and don’t put them down, it tends to piss them off,” Oglesby said.

Bill says he’s trying to get his book finished before he’s finished.

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