Just got back from watching the new “Civil War” movie at the theater…remember theaters? Big rooms, big screens, comfy chairs but you have to go all the way down the hall to use the bathroom and you can’t pause the film?

I knew nothing about the film prior to arrival except the title. Talked Adventure Wife into going as an “outing.” Our local cinema has all movies for $6 on Tuesdays…we call that “Date Night” at my house!

It is an intense piece with plenty of combat action, good guns and excellent gun handling (something I always appreciate.) Not to mention building searches done by people who know a thing or two about it. I had to look up to see who did the training, and turns out they hired a variety of combat veterans and a former SEAL Team 5 member to build in authenticity. Good gun handling and small team movements. First Aid is awful in the movie…but hey, you still gotta make a movie!

The story of course, is about travelling through a modern American Civil War. The main characters are journalists going from the frying pan and into the fire trying to get good pictures and interviews for Reuters. (Reuters…that doesn’t sound American to me…) You are sucked in and drug along with those distinctly unarmed journalists from gun fight to gun fight, and precarious situation to the next even scarier situation. If this movie doesn’t raise your heart rate and make you jump a few times there may be something wrong with your circulatory system.

The whole movie points out the horrors of every war, and the backdrop of American vs American makes it somehow worse and more personal. At some point, it was a combination of war scenes right out of Saving Private Ryan mixed with road tripping in an apocalyptic zombie move to see what horror is just around the corner. Keeps you guessing and you don’t know anything about the next guy around the corner holding a rifle. Anything can happen. Plenty of blood and guts on display. Not a good fit for youngsters with an R rating. 

It also points out these journalists could have been in any modern war, and equally at home hopping rides across wars in Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan or Ukraine with their silly vests marked “PRESS” on them- like that makes them invulnerable. You do get a large dose of how crazy/brave/stupid those journalists must be in a war zone.  But you will also be itching in your seats and thinking “Pick up that gun! It’s right there!” “Don’t leave that rifle behind…and get his mags too” and “Gee wouldn’t it be handy to have your own gun for the next time you are drawn into some ambush?”

There is a great scene with a ghillie suited sniper and his spotter and they are asked about which side they are on and they quite simply say “Someone is shooting at us trying to kill us.” Sniper logic.

I think my favorite part about the movie, is there are no politics in it. None. All you are told is the nation is in the midst of a civil war, not why. In the first two minutes you are told the Western Front comprised of California and Texas have seceded and are battling the Washington D.C. based government.  (California and Texas? Crazy right?)  I appreciate the director not bogging us down in who did what to whom or what their belief systems are or this is some prediction of the future. It is just war. Both sides kill lots of people and commit brutal acts with lots of destruction and civilians suffering the most. 

The movie also has a number of scenes where you are not really sure who is on either side or why both sides would let journalists cozy up when bullets are whizzing. Who is good and who is bad flip-flops or remains unknown to the observer. A lot like any civil war.

In the end, if you want to take sides, some good advice I can pass along- I like that side with the F-35’s, M-1 Abrams tank and Apache Longbow Attack Choppers tearing up on screen-seems to be a good side to bet on. I like that supply chain and the logistics.

And for God’s sake always watch for any finger inside a trigger guard…anything can happen with that finger and in this movie it often does.

I liked it. Tons of high intensity gun fights where you feel danger close and lots of ammo expended! I ask little else in a movie.



21 thoughts on “Civil War- the Movie”
  1. Don’t bother. Enough folk have reviewed it that NOBODY else need go see it.

    No politics in it? What absurdity is this? Commiefornia and Texas unite to fight “the union” for some unspecified reason? And “the press” is the protagonist in it? Pshaw!

    What poppycock. WHat a meaningless tour of bangs and flashes. A movie with NO PLOT WHaTSOEVER.

    Way to go, Mike. you just gave $12 to the same commies who want you to die. Unarmed.

    There is NO PLOT in it. It is also utter NONSENSE. The whole movie and it never tells you WHY there’s a civil war being waged? What a waste of talent.

    Don’t REWARD this shite. Steer clear of it, til they make a good movie again, some day, maybe, soon before the nukes destroy civilization.

    1. Ken. Decaf. That’s all I’m going to say. You might consider Decaf. Thanks for reading.

    2. Thank You for your review Ken. I get tried of spending money on the people that hate America.

  2. “ken”, the quisling narcissist, showing his hatred towards anybody that posts on the GSL website because he is too ignorant to “add fractions”, his narcissism needs to make every one of “his” posts “all about him” and his hatred, pathetic pile that he is.
    “ken” is NOT a GSL member, he hates any and all who post here and make this an informative site.
    What “ken” writes makes it seem that he has viewed the movie as well and is peed off that he spent too much money instead of going to the “bargain” showing, pathic idiot that he is.
    Sometimes a movie is just a movie and apparently, this one was made with knowledge, input from some who know about warlike conflict employing their knowledge or experience.
    I do not go to movie theaters, period, have not since the old “drive-in” days and cannot remember the last movie I saw way back then, do remember one in Key West Fla, based on Johnny Cash’s song “I walk the Line”, and the same title, don’t remember the second feature, but it was when I paid for my younger brother to visit me in Fle for his high school graduation in 1973 and we drove down to Key West. Oh to be young and adventurous at 20 years old again.
    Movies are a form of escapism, and do not need the hatred exposed by the “likes” of our resident narcissist quisling math ignorant “kenny-boy”.
    Thanks for the review, Mike.

    1. Ken is the resident Debbie Downer. He’s not happy unless you’re unhappy.

    2. “ken” says he has a “low tolerance for stupidity” yet posts the most stupid “word manure” of any and all who post here, pathetic narcissist, quisling, mentally math deficient pile of excrement on the internet!
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  3. When I first saw the previews for this movie, the first thing I thought of was “I’ll bet it’s a political movie.” Glad to hear that it’s not. Lady Cactus and I haven’t seen very many movies since Hillary lost because Hollyweird had to go and make everything a political statement. The whole California teams up with Texas thing was a nice move however. That way, the lefties can’t get all dramatic about the Right states rising up against DC, although that’s the movie that a lot of people want to see.

  4. My favorite scene is when the Lincoln Memorial was hit with anti tank fire. Good riddance.

  5. Mike, I appreciate your review. It is probably the only fair and impartial review we will see.

  6. A movie is a movie. Hollywood and hollywood connections made it, actors are in the movie, it is scripted. I am not giving my worthless $$ to hollywood.

  7. For those of you who think g.SL1589 comments are out of context or don’t make any sense, that’s true, but what is also true is that the management is censoring this blog.

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    1. Oh FFS Ken, “go have some decaf” was a polite way of suggesting you chill out. From the less diplomatic wing of readers, I will suggest you quit trying to Practice law without a license. Your quotation of the wrong statutes makes you seem as ignorant as you are. You’re an embarrassment sir.

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    And I don’t need to treat a command to “chill out” with any respect when it concerns the damnification of America. Stop spending money on anti american media!!!!!! Don’t go see movies like this.Don’t give Disney any money.Don’t give hollywood any money. they want you dead! They’re trying to do that to President Trump right now. And when you give them money you just give them resources to fight you. I have not seen that stupid movie and I don’t have to see it to know that it’s stupid.I have read a number of reviews on it, because I do typically love that genre of movie. But because it’s anti-American
    anti-trump, anti-freedom and pro-press–as-hero ( and of no less import, because it “stars” that washed up hag of an actress who has never done anything you watched called kirsten dunst) i’m suggesting that nobody should go see it. Why would any grown man pay money to see a movie where the star is kiersten dunced?

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    3. Whoever Dave Bautista is, don’t know, don’t care, are you saying he is your “supporter” (jock strap?) “kenny-boy”? I do not follow Hollywired so-called “actors” and their peccadilldoes, apparently “ken” knows them well enough to post about them. Is he in your “circle-jerkers” crowd, “kenny-boy”?

  9. I haven’t seen it, since there’s like only one other film that shows a “civil war” in modern American, (It’s the movie with Dave Bautista, cant remember the name of it, honestly it started good then turned into a dumpster fire.) I wanted to see this movie probably still will once its able to be rented on a streaming service, however if the USA doesn’t get invaded by China or a different foreign nation during or at the end of the movie then it’s fiction, we all know once we trully fight in our own land it’ll be much easier to crush. To be honest we have already consistently been invaded and still are thanks to bidens open border and the democratic states allowing drugs and illegals to absolutely destroy the major cities.

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