A couple of kids in Fisher, IL, located just west of Rantoul, IL took the “Senior Assassin” game way too far by entering a fellow student’s home, without permission or knocking.  “They caught the family off guard,” WCIA wrote in their story about the incident.  How far do you think they would have gotten if they’d pulled this stunt, while masked or not with realistic-looking toy guns, in the home of someone who practices home carry?

That wouldn’t have ended well for anyone.

Cops didn’t make any arrests but they could have.  Frankly, it’s probably been a long time since a Fisher cop has ever arrested anyone for anything.  But still…

FISHER, Ill. (WCIA) — In one Central Illinois community, students took a prank known on TikTok too far.

There’s a trend going around on TikTok where high school seniors sneak up on each other with squirt guns. Some people call it “the assassin game”; others call it “senior assassin.”

One parent said the students surprise-attack each other with water guns whether they’re at work or home. Some teenagers in Fisher went too far, and now people are concerned for other students’ safety.

“If I found somebody creeping around the house and doing it, that’s beyond boundaries. That’s illegal,” said Kathy Van Schoyck, whose granddaughter is a former Fisher high school student.

That is exactly what happened in Fisher when classmates entered a high school student’s home without permission, catching the family off-guard. They were playing the assassin game.

Yes, this “Assassin Game” has been around a long time.  Two generations ago we played it with “disc guns” in and around the school.  How many of you remember these?

We didn’t sneak into classmates’ homes though.


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    1. More than a few times Chuck, and some community service might do some good helping elderly with yardwork or something PRODUCTIVE to focus their attention on constructive charitable activities!!

    2. If my friends and I had done that, our dads would have snatched the gun away, called the other dads and held a round robin azz beating contest. But then again, that’s what happened when you knew the people in your community – when there was actual one-on-one interaction. We also feared the adult women more than the men, at that time, in our community too.

  1. Stupid is as stupid does. If this broke bad all the f^$ktards in this state would be blaming the homeowner instead of the f%*ktards.

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