Something for the “things that make you go hmmm” file…  Libs of TikTok found a strange pattern of creatively identifying the race of criminal offenders.  What’s more, it doesn’t look like a one-off limited to New Jersey.  It looks like it might be something far bigger and more nefarious.

Is it a case of that evil “white people” demographic not committing enough crimes, so we’ll reclassify minorities to white to help pad the numbers?

We wouldn’t put it past the hard Left in America.

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9 thoughts on “What’s up with New Jersey? ‘I don’t know what you mean. I just see a bunch of white men.’”
  1. So the questions are:
    Lazy data entry people (that can’t override default codes) and their supervisory staff? (1)
    A liberal plot to misconstrue accurate statistics? (2)
    Minorities “identifying” as something they are not? (3)
    From the data that were visible, they all “identified” as males.
    Final answer: What is (1), Alex?

    1. In the fire service, I think they say where there is smoke, there is fire.

      In this case there are blacks classed as whites.

  2. can’t be reporting truthful stats about poc-population, don’t you know?
    .poc on yt crime % vs. yt on poc
    .poc murder suspects vs. poc % of population
    might create bias? de-colonize that information, yo!

  3. Over time, the understanding of race has shifted, and it’s now primarily a sociological concept rather than a biological or genetic one. Made up in order to graft $$$$. I enjoy checking 5 out of 5 boxes on the useless form 4473. I also check both ethnicity boxes as I find 18.a., a more recent addition, even dumber than 18.b.
    Let us not forget box 14, male/female/non-binary, all of them as I have been confused by Jumanji Jackson-Five Khaki after listening to her confirmation hearing. You know, the hearing where sane people discovered this DEI hire is an idiot. Stupid f’ng bullshit.

  4. An update…. Jumani asserts the 1st Amendment is “hamstringing the government.” This ass-clowns brain is hamstringing her intellect.

  5. The “DEI”, criminal “diversity” edition where “Black” criminals “identify” as “White” criminals, sooo confused that they think White criminals get better treatment than Black criminals, when just the opposite is true now, Black criminals have “no-cash-bail” “get-out-of-jail-free” in ILL-Annoy, whereas White Christian Males are the “new” “homeland terrorists” sought by the FBI for any and all “terrorist” activity. What a mixed up world we live in.
    Pray for America that the “lawless” will be voted out of our Representative Republic, and the Marxist Crime-o-crats get real justice!

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