What happens when a platoon of SWAT cops in a smallish-town of 52,000 descends upon the wrong home in search of a teenage punk? Well, if they toss destructive devices all around, bust out windows and storm inside like they’re on a mission in Fallujah, that can have life-changing impact upon the people inside.  In fact, there’s more than a chance that their actions will have life-threatening danger for the occupants of the targeted dwelling.

And that’s exactly what happened in Elyria, Ohio. Despite doing multiple “knock and talk” visits to a home in that city and being told that the current residents were new renters, the suspicious Elyria PD smelled a rat. They just didn’t figure that law-abiding renters, answering their door, would ever tell the truth to LEOs pounding on their door with their mean mugs on display.  Nah, impossible.

So after a year of trying to track down a 14-year-old bad boy who supposedly had a BB gun or something that didn’t sit well with Elyria PD, Elyria’s boys in blue decided they would pull a mid-day raid on where they believed their little scoundrel lived.

Did we mention that he had moved at least a year before and there was an entirely new tenant renting the house?  The same info that had been communicated to Elyria PD multiple times.

Desperate to catch their wanted man 14-year-old teen, they bunched up like a gaggle of overweight, out-of-shape amateur airsofters LARPing (LARPing is live-action role playing for those not into that scene) their way through another weekend match on the airsoft field. Only instead of toting Airsoft guns, they brought along real guns and some destructive devices for good measure.

Intent on seizing the initiative and taking their wanted fugitive into custody, they proceeded to toss multiple flash-bang grenades and “break and rake” at least two of the ground-floor windows of the home.

Did we mention they had been told repeatedly that the subject of their investigation no longer lived at the residence?

Despite that information, Elyria PD folks swore an affidavit to a judge to get a warrant to search the home for the target of their investigation.

Police used a battering ram to bust open the front door less than ten seconds after announcing themselves…right after they’d tossed those destructive devices and “break and raked” the windows.

You know, when you’re throwing destructive devices, the same as firing a gun, you have the responsibility to know who and what is in the path (and beyond) of your delivery.

Also, under one of the “break and raked” windows was was a one-year-old with a heart condition and a trach tube.  If you guessed the baby that didn’t react well to the toxic fumes from the flash bang grenade’s detonation, you’re sharper than the average Elyria cop.

But not only did the Elyria PD not check things out, they lied about what happened.  In fact, the department – facing an outpouring of negative publicity and no shortage of hatemail and nasty phone calls – released some bodycam footage.

EPD said they deployed flashbangs outside the house.  Here’s the statement:

You should go read the comments.  Not all 6500, just a few.  They are brutal.

Technically true.  Like the one they held inches from a window, that blew in all manner of glass fragments into the home when it detonated.  By the way, this was the window it seems behind which the baby was situated.

Here’s more bodycam footage.

They left mom cuffed for TEN MINUTES outside, unable to check on her year-old baby.  That entire department needs to be disbanded.  They are a goddamn menace to the residents of that city.

Give them a call.   (440) 323-3302


An hour later, the mom was finally able to take the infant to the hospital for real pediatric treatment instead of some dumbass police EMT that diagnosed the baby as “fine” in the aftermath of the traumatic raid.  “Infant still breathing?  Eh, they’re fine.”

Yep, cops were looking for a 14-year-old on weapons charges, too, not John Wayne Gacy.

From the UK Daily Mail:

Police in Ohio searching for a teen on weapons charges raided the wrong home, seriously injuring a 17-month-old special needs boy with a heart defect.

The incident took place around 2.15pm Wednesday when a swarm of officers from the Elyira Police Special Response Team busted into the home on Parmely Avenue. The raid was captured on a ring camera.

Reida Jennings’ niece, Courtney Price, 25, and her 17-month-old son, Waylon May, were visiting from Kentucky and staying at her home. The toddler was awaiting open heart surgery that is scheduled for next month.

During the bust,…

Whoa Tex.  There was no “bust” there.  The Elyria LARPers, all dressed up like they were going to SWAT Team Fantasy Camp, were at the wrong house.

Price said the officers threw two flash bangs through the window. The grenades hit near her son, who was sitting in a swing near the window, and covered him in glass and smoke.

The terrified mother told Fox8 News that guns were pointed at her and she feared she’d be shot if she ran to her child. ‘One second everything was normal, 15 seconds later our world was flipped upside down,’ she recalled.

Authorities in the town about 20 miles from Cleveland said the raid was part of an investigation – one reportedly looking for a teen on weapon charges. The police claimed that the devices, ‘diversionary devices,’ used do not produce burns and do not contain pepper gas or chemical agents.

The suspect was not found at the home. 

Hopefully the infant survives and enjoys a gold-plated upbringing in a city outside of Elyria, including the finest university education, courtesy of the Elyria taxpayers.

The leadership of the Elyria PD apparently created and condoned such a circus.  They need to face pink slips.

The care for the child, as well as any monies paid as the result of lawsuits related to this incident need to come from the department’s budget, but it won’t.  City taxpayers will foot this bill.  Sadly, it won’t come from the third-rate cops of EPD who all apparently washed out of decent departments elsewhere.

Frankly, whoever presented this to a judge needs to find a new line of work and forfeit their pension because this has no place in American law enforcement. And the rest of them?  I’m sure 99.99% of America is saying a prayer of thanks they don’t live in Elyria, Ohio.

If there was ever a posterchild department for “defunding the police,” America has found it in Elyria, OH.

13 thoughts on “WHEN BAD COPS LARP: Police in Elyria, OH detonate Destructive Devices at home, spewing glass fragments inside. They injured baby, then lie about what happened…”
  1. Just a few bad apples, no? You can’t give the police all that military gear and not expect them not to use it.

  2. Holy s***! JohnBoch. I have converted you! If I had written a sentence like this in 2020 you would have banhammered me within mere moments!

    “That entire department needs to be disbanded. They are a goddamn menace to the residents of that city.”

    Now, if you will just extend that reasoning and logic which you are employing for the first time, evidently, to the rest of your blue-wearing bastards, we can get somewhere!

    They are ALL bad!

    Back the blue until it happens to you! James Freeman, one of the greatest first amendment auditors is hawking a T-shirt lately that has a logo on the front. It says “cops are like a box of chocolates, they’ll kill your dog.” Buy em.

    Now where’s GSL1589 and his alter ego GLS1589 to bang it out?

    1. I know!! Jboch however is still stuck on the false “Pritzker’s Gun Ban” message. This gun ban is the Illinois State Police’s gun ban. You either report the news correctly or mislead your viewers thanks to partisan bias.

    2. YOU, “ken” are GLS “GrifterLyingSpooferscumscam” bass-turd A$$HOLE, admit it “Amy’s daddy dr. ken”, it is ALL about YOU AKA: “Holy s***! JohnBoch. I have converted you!”
      You Just cannot tolerate ANYONE that does not adhere to YOUR demented mindless psych, and you MUST denigrate, mock, demean, and destroy, because of the mentally disturbed NARCISIST QUISLING YOU ARE! NOBODY likes your narcissistic posts, just GO AWAY GrifterLyingSpammerscumbass-turd a$$hole quisling!

  3. I’m sure JB and ISP will be happy to employ them and their ilk on their confiscation crews.
    And you belive some police won’t be salivating at the opportunity to do it.

  4. Seeing that makes me glad I don’t have a belt-fed Ma Deuce. A poster child for defunding the police? Hell yes. Poster children for ending qualified immunity is more like it.

  5. Everyone should check out the YouTube channel Hampton Law. Each video gives real life situations where cops intentionally LIE to you in order to trip you up and incriminate yourselves. One example of how they screw over the public is if they pull you over and you have red eyes due to allergies or just being tired they can write it down as “signs of intoxication.” This is why all of these “back the blue” people deserve to get mocked. Because they are unimaginably gullible and in addition, a tremendous drag on the 2A rights movement. Qualified immunity for one is like an iceberg to the Titanic.

  6. The administrative staff must be fired wholesale. The SWAT team leadership must be fired wholesale. The individual officers who deployed no-look bangs must be fired. The investigators who did not vet the information received as to the status of the offender and the residence must be fired. The local SWAT team must be deactivated.
    Yes qualified immunity must be vacated.

    1. Yes, Jeff, then take them all individually to personal injury court with jury trial for the “law-suit lottery”, a few million apiece!

  7. Thank you for sharing the phone number. They hung up on me.
    Fuck them with a rusty chainsaw.
    I double dog dare them to bring that stack to my neck of the woods.

  8. Ugh. Disgusting. Made even worse by the PD’s indifference to the family living there.
    They should have called in people to fix the house when they realized they were at the wrong goddamn house. And leaving mom cuffed for ten minutes, unable to check on her baby? At the wrong house?
    How about flash-banging the homes of those goddamn cops? See how they like the shoe on the other foot.

  9. I counted about 18 cops in the first pic, apparently in search of a 14 year old boy. Who was watching the rest of the town? Moreover, in addition to the kid not living there for a year, is he a student at a local school? Who authorizes that many guys to juvenile arrest? If there is one city attorney with a bit of sense and a municipal checkbook, he should be asking the victims how many zeros would make them feel better. This is multi- million dollar settlement territory. Lets hope the baby recovers. Lots of careers should end over this.

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