They say quitters never win.  In the case of Chris Christie, he never was gonna win, quitting or not.  But at least now that he’s quit, he can quit wasting people’s time.

He never had a snowball’s prayer of winning the nomination.  He’s 15-minutes-of-fame ended about the time his term as NJ’s governor ended.

11 thoughts on “CHRIS CHRISTIE OUT: ‘There isn’t a path for me to win the nomination.’ SPOILER: There never was. Not even in NJ”
    1. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it is still the truth, Rabble Rouser, a saying I have said many times.
      God please, Bless America!

  1. Dim-bulb rhino Christie only had “support” from the other rhino never-Trump Repuk-ans “lincoln project” miserable deep-staters.
    Now that this idiot is “out” he will be more welcome on the “dnc-media” outlets to further bash Trumpers and pushing dis-unity to keep his fat-assery in a spotlight.
    Pray for America, defeat the demo-rhino pukes!

  2. After Trump won in 2016, just about the first thing he did was to fire Christie, who bungled the entire transition team. That is only one of the reasons Fatso hates Trump.
    Shortly after that, Trump was told the entire transition staff was bugged and being surveilled by the FBI. The media and Washington DC insiders all pooh-poohed Trump and said he was paranoid. A year later the truth came out that he and his family and colleagues WERE being spied upon.

    1. Lets hope so Bill, but Krispy Kreme Christie, a typical narcissist, thinks his “opinion” is valued by anyone, someone, that he will be on Marxist Media every chance he can to help the “anti-Trump” America-haters to bash the best President we have had this century. We will be sooo sick of him by election day,…. well, we can only hope he has a fatal heart attack.
      Pray for America!

  3. Bye, Felicia. There isn’t a box of donuts worldwide safe when Christie Kreme and Lard Lad Putzker are on the loose.

    1. And there isn’t a mc donalds big mac safter when Dementia Don is around but of course his secret service detail has to order it for him since his brain is too fried to be able to form a complete sentence.

  4. The physical and mental comparison is striking ! Take note Gov. Putzker. Let this ass clown melt to obscurity for perpetuity.

  5. If his path didn’t include every one of those donut shops, maybe it might have been different.:)

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