Since the Bruen decision came out, California’s radical legislature banned carry in almost every public space, city “sensitive locations.”  There was a lawsuit and the district court judge blocked the ban.  Then the 9th Circuit stayed the injunction, as they commonly do for any pro-gun district court decisions.  Now, in a surprise move (and for whatever reason), the 9th Circuit dissolved that administrative stay late Saturday.

In short, CCW is now legal in most public locations  bans recently passed in California



The places made off-limits to CCW under the new California legislation, now blocked, include:

-parking lots of and appurtenant public areas adjacent to local public buildings
-medical facilities
-public transportation
-places that sell alcohol for on-premises consumption (bars, some restaurants, etc.)
-public gatherings and special events
-playgrounds and youth centers
-Depts. of Parks and Recreation and Fish and Wildlife property
-casinos and gambling establishments (this part of the carry ban even applied to stores that sell lotto tickets and things like that as well as their parking lots and I think perhaps also the entire premises outside of the actual building)
-stadiums and arenas
-public libraries
-amusement parks
-various places of worship
-financial institutions and their parking lots
-privately owned commercial establishments open to the public that do not put up a sign allowing carry that meets the regulations on such signage

Prohibited locations remaining include:

-K-12 schools including their parking lots and immediately adjacent sidewalks and streets (not sure the sidewalk and street part still stands, though)
-preschools and other child care facilities
-executive and legislative branch buildings, with some exceptions
-courthouses (to include, I believe, parking lots and the entire premises outside of the building itself)
-local government buildings where legislative, judicial, or other government business is conducted
-prisons, jails, etc. to include, I believe, parking areas
-colleges and universities to include immediately adjacent sidewalks (and maybe streets as well) with no right of way exception
-nuclear energy facilities
-airports (includes all airport property including streets, parking lots, and other real estate)
-passenger vessel terminals
-polling places
-law enforcement buildings to include their parking lots and other real estate (can’t park at the station and leave it in the car; mere entry into the lot is a crime)
-places prohibited under Federal or other state or local laws


2 thoughts on “VERY UNEXPECTED: 9th Circuit Dissolves Stay… CCW holders can legally carry in most of California. Governor Newsom ‘upset’”
  1. Maybe the 9th Circuit is side-stepping the “Red-headed Step-child Slap up the Side of the Head” award from SCOTUS. Question now is, is the 7th Circuit in the lead for this prestigious award?

  2. If Gov. Hairgel is upset, I suggest he comfort himself by feeding himself into a wood chipper feet first. Try taking Lard Lad with you.

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