If you guessed the astroturf gun control groups reaction to Wayne LaPierre’s exit would be a combination of utter glee mixed in with a heaping dose of “the end is near for the NRA” you earned your Carnac the Magnificent hat.

Watch the clip.  Johnny Carson is laugh out loud funny.

The gun grabber glee over LaPierre’s exit?  Their delusion is funny to us but they are oblivious.

Yeah, the 97 Percent group, which is another anti-gun group masquerading as a gun rights group.  Because being honest about trying to recreate past tyrannies is a guarantee that you’ll only get real donations from gun-hating rich lefties who live behind hired guns for self-defense.  The only thing missing from their tweet is the bookmarks “once upon a time” and “happily ever after.”

The only thing his departure signifies is how a trial clears your mind.

By the way, it’s not “gun violence.”  It’s gang violence.  Quit trying to obfuscate.


Senator Murphy?  Isn’t he the guy who claimed he was a Vietnam Vet when in reality he just slept with underage Vietnamese girls on Epstein’s island?  Oh wait, am I getting my stories mixed up?  “I just think” Murphy says.  Maybe he thought about his as he soiled his britches because someone forgot to put him in a Depends for the day.  Because the federal courts have a very different take (with a few exceptions like the 9th Circus and their ideological twins at the 7th where we live).





4 thoughts on “Reaction to LaPierre’s resignation just as predictable as it is laughable…”
  1. Senator Murphy ‘just’ does many things, like ‘just’ continuing to be an ass-clown. ‘Just’ go away you a-hole. Just…..

  2. IF the anti-firearms crowd actually want to “end criminal violence” with firearms they would start instructing the “youts” to respect other people’s property, lives and laws/law enforcement, …uphold laws such as 10-20-life as Florida had that decreased crime within a year because the criminals would be in prison as an example for the “youts” to see where criminals end up instead of glorifying criminal activity.
    Pray for America!

  3. The good old days with Johnny Carson. Back when late night was classy. Male guests almost always wore a suit, and women dressed appropriately. By and large, the guests today are slobs, sometimes in only a T-shirt. Drew Barrymore once flashed her boobs at Letterman. That’s the kind of trash of today. Jay Leno was the last decent late night host. Haven’t watched a single late show since he left.

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