Wreaths Across America at Camp Butler in Springfield
Our own Pastor Steven Holden also serves on the leadership team of the “Wreaths Across America” event at Camp Butler National Cemetery in Springfield.

They’re looking for additional volunteers for the December 16th event.  Volunteers will place Christmas wreaths at thousands of the graves there that morning. If you’re available to help, come on out and arrive early… around 9-9:30am. Bring hot chocolate along with your kids.

Bring your kiddos and grandkiddos to help educate them about the service and sacrifice of those who came before them to give them what they sometimes don’t even realize what they have.

Not familiar with this awesome program?  We gotcha covered.  You might want to have a tissue or two handy.  It can become kind of dusty.

For more including maps and directions to Camp Butler, click here.

5 thoughts on “SEEKING VOLUNTEERS SATURDAY, DEC 16TH: Wreaths Across America at Camp Butler in Springfield”
  1. I support police qualified immunity. We have to give our brave men and women in uniform the benefit of the doubt. I saw a video a couple years back of an IL state trooper responding to a disturbance in a residence and he went in there like Rambo all hyped up ready to protect and serve the community. He accidentally shot and killed an unarmed man in a wheelchair. If he didn’t have qualified immunity to hide behind he would be charged with murder like anyone else would be and the family could come after him personally for civil rights violations and other charges. Police have a hard job to do and we owe it to them to give them protection from liability especially if they kill the wrong person. They could go to prison!! This would ruin their lives and their families would loose a paycheck in the household. Another reason they need qualified immunity is when they round up otherwise innocent Illinois residents who have unregistered assault weapons. Given how many people on here that complain about all of their “rights” and screaming “constitution” every other word, someone would try to sue cops for violating their civil rights under Title 18, U.S.C. Section 241 Conspiracy Against Rights. We can’t put police in the position where they would be held responsible for respecting their oaths. It’s a tough job and they are here to protect us. Accountability just isn’t acceptable in this line of work. Just pay attention to how many police have their eyes glued to their phones in school zones and not watching where they are going. I support their exemption to the cell phone law. If that same cop saw you doing that you’d be cited for distracted driving because it’s dangerous. Police shouldn’t be put in a situation where they themselves could be in trouble for doing that same thing. They are protecting us. Back the BADGE!!!

    1. Oh another one! Police in New Mexico couldn’t even do their job a few months ago when the governor issued the gun ban order for Albuquerque. New Mexico has eliminated qualified immunity and that puts police directly at personal risk of being sued by citizens for violating their civil rights. That’s why they didn’t want to enforce unconstitutional orders. It would put them at serious financial risk and they have bills to pay like anyone else. Police shouldn’t have to constantly worry about how their actions hurt the public. Thank goodness we still have qualified immunity in Illinois. Police here can enforce PICA and other bogus laws without the worry of losing their house from one of these clowns who comment on this website that scream “my rights” all the time. It’s the DemoRATS fault!
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