Yes, Senator Dick Durbin wants to allow illegal aliens to join the US military.  Why is that, do you think?

Big hint:  There’s an old expression that advocates of allowing unfettered illegal aliens to come into America like to use:  “They do the jobs Americans won’t do.”

Still wondering?

SPOILER ALERT:  Here it comes…

Do you think illegal aliens serving in America’s armed forces will have the slightest compunction about doing door-to-door gun confiscations or opening fire on Americans if ordered to do so?

Yep.  Doing the jobs that Americans won’t do, 2.0.

18 thoughts on “Dick Durbin wants to replace Americans in military with illegals… Ask yourself why.”
  1. Why Not? Our awesome Illinois legislature (including most, but not all, GOP) voted to allow non-citizens to become police officers. Now, with letting non-citizens become military, it will allow even more of them to own and possess weapons that all the law-abiding Illinois citizens can’t. Makes perfect sense. Why don’t we just cut to the chase and let the U.N. in here to run and police us? That’s what they really want anyway.

  2. Just remember the actions of this Traitor and the others that stand with him when it comes time to vote.

    1. Concerned Patriot, Hello! I don’t think that this DICK (A flaming DEM in a blue State) has to worry about re-elections in Illinois. We should have cut off this DICK years ago, but sadly this DICK is likely here to stay.

    2. As long as any Illinois candidate that runs for an elected office, based on state-wide voting, wins the Cook County vote it’s near impossible to defeat. With that said, maybe we should divide the state into five geographic regions, like the old appellate court districts, and require any candidate needing state-wide voting to win, to win majority votes in 3 of the 5 districts. It would return a better weighted voice to the other 101 counties as to what happens state-wide, not just the Cook County desires.

  3. His name is never mentioned in our house without the word head following Dick. A name well earned.

    1. You think like I do Gipp, that is exactly what I call him, the great Rush used to call him “little dick” because the other dick was majority leader (“little dick” was “whip”), his name escapes me at this time, but he will always be “little dick Turbin” in memory of the GOAT, el Rushbo!
      The reason no one wants to sign up for military service is because the scum “educators” teachers unions have been denigrating America for 20 years or longer and young people do not believe America is worth “fighting for”, and besides, who in their right mind would enlist if the commander in chief is criminal joe “Biteme”!
      Pray for America! TRUMP 2024 MAKE AMERICA GREATEST AGAIN!

  4. Dick Durbin is a national disgrace, a traitor, and a stinking piece of shit. Anyone who votes for him should be ashamed of themselves.

  5. I found this interesting interview that may raise a few eyebrows.
    While the video is titled “Will Venezuela Invade Guyana? The interesting part of the interview is when Erik Prince talks about, how Iran is sending people with Venezuela paper work across our border and into our cities, just waiting for orders from Tehran.
    If you do not want to listen to the entire interview; the Iran info starts at approximately the 27 minute mark.
    Off Leash with Erik Prince

    1. I need to make a correction.
      Some of the Iran information starts around the 16 minute mark and then picks back up around the 27 minute mark.
      Personally; if you have the time PLEASE listen to the whole interview.
      Sorry if it created any confusion.

    1. George, sorry to say but the democRAT-i-KKK machine politics have been running things in Chit-cago since long before the 1960s, in the 1960 election they skewed it so Nixon lost to JFK, but who’s counting? It is not who voted, it is all about who counts the ballots, never forget.

  6. A traitorous Communist who should be in prison. The same ass clown who called our Marines “nazi stormtroopers”. F you Dick.

  7. Just imagine, the sleeper cell terrorist illegal invaders from China, Hamas/Paki-Stan (oops, not a country) Mehico cartel members, etc., evil scum from the world over disguise themselves to get into American military to learn military tactics, infiltrate military bases, etc. to destroy America from within, …. actually, it is the democRAT-i-KKK party that is destroying America from within.
    PRAY FOR AMERICA, TRUMP 2024 our last great hope?

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