Folks, it looks like we’re probably going to end up at the US Supreme Court to fight for our right to purchase, possess and transport the most effective firearms for personal defense.

What’s more, we may be filing another pleading to challenge the state’s latest regulatory rulemaking on the PICA gun and magazine law.  After all, we all know what follows gun registration.

We’re urging people to donate directly to our legal teams to help make all of this possible.

To pay our Illinois litigation team:
2nd Amendment Defense and Education Coalition (SADEC)
P.O. Box 300
Waterman, IL 60556
(this one is tax deductible)

To help the national firm backstopping our IL team:
Second Amendment Law Center
284C East Lake Mead Parkway
Suite 530
Henderson NV 89015
(this one is tax deductible)

We still absolutely endorse and support FFL-IL and their fund for our Illinois attorneys, however donations to them are not tax deductible.  Aurora Sportsmen’s Club’s SADEC gets 100% of donations to the same place only in a tax deductible fashion.

We would prefer folks send donations directly to the above funds. The easiest way for everyone involved is to make the donations online, but we’ve included mail addresses here for the non-computer savvy.