Why can’t people just get along and behave?  In Oklahoma City, Mauricio Delarosa, aged old enough to know better (34), called his estranged wife’s phone 170 times over a few hours.  Then he showed up at the residence where she was staying with her now-boyfriend.   An enraged Delarosa broke in to get at his soon-to-be former spouse.

What ol’ Mad Mauricio forgot was that the male homeowner got a vote in the issue and shot the angry home invader in the chest.

The mega mad man suddenly had a sudden and profound change of priorities.  He turned and ran from the home and cops found him next door, leaking badly.

Thanks to modern medical care, Mauricio made it without unlocking bonus points for achieving the room temperature challenge.  Now he’ll likely become the guest of the prison system there in the great state of OK.

What’s more he’s learned that if you break into another person’s home, you might just get shot.  Oh yes, and Mauricio learned that chest wounds suck.

Meanwhile a woman next door is thrilled that her neighbor also had a gun and knew how to use it.

From FoxNews:

An Oklahoma man reportedly stepped in when his girlfriend’s estranged husband allegedly broke into their home, leading to one neighbor praising the state’s gun laws.

“People just be breaking into other people’s houses over here and… I guess that’s what’s going on. And I’m just glad that it’s open carry in this state because people need to be able to protect [themselves],” Midwest City, Oklahoma, resident only identified as Gabrielle told OKC Fox.

Oklahoma is a permitless carry state, meaning law-abiding residents 21 years old or older are permitted to open or concealed carry firearms without a license.

Gabrielle is the neighbor of a home on Flannery Drive that was broken into Wednesday morning. The affidavit for the shooting states the male and female resident were home when they heard their dog’s barking, prompting the male resident to go inspect, OKC Fox reported…

Gabrielle warned criminals that many men and women are armed in the state, and will open fire if they come under attack, according to her comments to OKC Fox.

“I guess they see targets, but I’m telling you, you think them single moms aren’t armed, or, you know, them single dads or people are not going to protect their home. You come in them doors you know and you’re not invited you might get filled up with holes. And that’s just the honest truth,” added Gabrielle.


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  1. Mauricio (was he legal?) should have rented a date. It woulda been cheaper & less painful. Now he’s gonna have to learn to love anal. Giving and receiving. Ay caramba! No mas! No mas!

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