Chicago has a big, big problem with armed robbery crews rolling up in stolen / carjacked cars, jumping out and robbing people and then driving away.  How bad is it?  On Tuesday of this week they had 15 reported in a 4-hour span in the middle of the day.  High noon, if you will.  And given that 60% of serious violent crimes go unreported, that would suggest a whole lot more than 15 actually happened.

Now, a Peoria case sounds like the gang bangers in Peoria are trying to recreate the Chicago way.

PEORIA (25News Now) – A man was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries after being attacked during an armed robbery.

Peoria Police spokesperson Semone Roth says officers were called at around 12:28 a.m. Tuesday where they found the victim who told them he was approached by four armed men wearing masks as he exited his vehicle.

The suspects reportedly physically attacked the victim and several personal items and fled the scene heading westbound on Arcadia.

So they hopped out, beat him, took his stuff and drove away…  Yep, that’s Chicago style.

There is currently no suspect information.

You can’t tell me there’s zero suspect description.  They should have instead written, “There’s currently no suspect description we’re going to print.”

3 thoughts on “Chicago-style armed robberies come to downstate Illinois… Is your city next?”
  1. People need to roll their windows down in their car and turn up “Try That In A Small Town” and see if it helps.

  2. I read this and thought about that “Try that in a small town” tune. But I see Travis beat me to it.
    Indeed: Try THAT in a small town, punks.

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