Gavin Newsom hates gun rights.  And he’s doing his best to promote racist, classist and sexist gun control measures.  What’s more, he has the audacity to sign more gun control on a table with a sign posted that says “Gun safety laws work.”  Yep, they sure do…  they work to keep innocent people disarmed and at the mercy of bad guys.

The latest, banning concealed carry at a host of new locations, keeping the good guys even more at the mercy of violent thugs, lunatics and terrorists.

Already California leads the nation in public mass shootings because good guys are effectively disarmed outside the home.

And just to keep guns beyond the reach of the working poor – or the non-working poor – he signed into law an 11% excise tax on firearms and ammunition in California.


2 thoughts on “Newsom signs more gun control, increasing ‘prohibited’ places and adding an additional 11% excise tax on guns, ammo”
  1. The living braindead had a chance for a change in a recall election and re elected this Marxist scum. Much like here in The Peoples Republic Of Illinois we’re overrun with America hating traitors that just love oppression, corruption, and lots of taxes. One thing Illinois has in common with Commiefornia is that there is no hope. just tread water until you can escape this sinking turd.

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