Poor Commie Harris.  America’s “best looking” Vice-President couldn’t find a crumb of competence on the floor even if had her kneepads on.  She did such a great job leading Biden’s response on the border invasion.  And her performance in other areas outside the bedroom have been less than memorable as well.  You’ll have to ask Willie Brown how well she did in the bedroom.

Anyway, the walking cackling queen has now been appointed to run the Biden White House’s brand new office of gun control.

While big gun control cites this as some great victory, I think it’s a gift to us.

If you want nothing to get done, just appoint someone like Chlamydia Harris to lead that bureaucracy.  Nothing will ever get done.

From The Reload:

President Biden handed gun-control activists another win on Thursday.

The Biden administration formally announced the creation of the first-ever federal office of gun violence prevention. The White House said the office, which will be overseen by Vice President Kamala Harris (D.) and led by prominent gun-control advocates, will “focus on implementing executive and legislative action” to “end the scourge of gun violence in America.” Stefanie Feldman, a longtime policy advisor to President Biden on gun issues, will serve as the office Director. Greg Jackson, the executive director of the Community Justice Action Fund, and Rob Wilcox, director of federal government affairs for the gun-control group Everytown for Gun Safety, will serve under her as the office’s two deputy directors.

“Last year, I signed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act to keep guns out of dangerous hands, and have taken more executive action than any President in history to keep communities safe. But as I’ve said before – while these are important steps, they are just the first steps toward what is needed,” Biden said in a statement. “Today I’m announcing additional steps forward, with the first-ever White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention, overseen by Vice President Harris, to build upon these measures and keep Americans safe.”

The creation of the office is a victory for gun-control activists, further institutionalizing the movement at the highest levels of government. Since Biden first took office, a coalition of the nation’s most prominent gun-control advocacy groups has consistently lobbied the President to create such an office–although some wanted the office to be headed by a cabinet-level appointee instead of being stashed under the Vice President. Until now, Biden resisted calls to form a new office, preferring instead to wield his executive power to enact gun control through the ATF’s rulemaking authority. His decision to reverse course and give gun-control advocates something else on their wishlist may suggest he is running out of room to enact new rules, especially as those rules have faired poorly in federal courts.

9 thoughts on “Biden appoints ‘Commie’ Harris to lead his new ‘Office of Gun Control’”
  1. Thanks to some RINOs who voted for the Gun Control Bill which emboldened President Dementia to create this Office with the sole purpose of the confiscation, possibly by force, of civilian firearms. Our Governor is coordinating with the Feds on elimination of privately owned firearms.

    1. They weren’t “RINOS” they were Republicans. Thanks to the post-“assault weapon” law passaged the Illinois Republicans erased the line between based and RINO. Talking about HB2722 to further empower the Illinois State Police where if they gave half a crap about our 2A rights they would seek to abolish the abusive anti-citizen agency who is “just doing their job” launching attacks on citizens. We haven’t even got to the registry issue yet. The difference between a RINO and a Republican you like is the difference between a small turd and a larger turd. Both are turds. Both stink. Both favor the government over the people earning them the label of Uniparty.

  2. The new “Office” is a joke and with a few idiot gun grabbers and Commie Harris running the thing I’m sure she’ll let it slide since she’s too lazy to work. I don’t think the bedroom skills will get her anywhere with this new gig. I mean she’s probably not half bad after 8 or 9 drinks and the fact that you can do things to her that you wouldn’t do to a farm animal is kind of interesting but none of this will help the skank out.

  3. LOL. Commie Harris? She must give a good blowjob. Or maybe not. I bet Joe knows.

    She is an idiot on a good day.

  4. Kamala’s on it? That’s good news as far as I’m concerned. Old Joe couldn’t find a less competent individual to run this. Aside from himself.

  5. Now groomed “survivor” and washed up has been of the gun grabber movement David Hogg has crawled out from under a rock to try and get a boost to his so called victimhood by praising this phony campaign. We also get to watch as multiple so called celebrities join “artists for action on gun control” or whatever the gaggle of pompous asses are calling it. Basically a virtue signaling farce where a bunch of clueless celebrities “do something” as long as it doesn’t involve addressing who and why the shootings are happening and of course preaching disarmament for everyone while they surround themselves with armed security. Typical liberal hypocrisy from the gun grabber swine. These recent developments will help sink the whole thing.

    1. Hogg misses the limelight. He and Kamala would make a good couple. “There’s no limit to what they can’t do!”

  6. This new office will open the flood gates for hundreds of billions of dollars of federal money to flow into state coffers so states like Illinois can hire 200,000 to 300,000 of additional state police officers from the rank and file of the likes of antifa, BLM, thousands of Chicago gang bangers and thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants…..these fine folks will be tasked with the job of going door to door through out Illinois{including small towns} looking to confiscate any and all firearms from law abiding citizens thanks to governor Pritz”pukes” enhanced safer communities legislation which will make ALL firearms and ammunition illegal to own in illinois. I need to wake up from this dystopian nightmare because this can’t be true.

  7. “Further institutionalizing….” Those who should be institutionalized? Political theatre, not serious people, Chevron deference and O-zero’s pen and phone (executive agencies) are on the road to nowhere, let’s do something to look like we care to all the stupid Karen’s. What we need is an office for the prevention of the usual suspects.

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