From Second City Cop…  the state of Chicago PD stations, overrun with illegal alien invaders.


2 thoughts on “Dear Chicagoans: Your replacements have arrived…”
  1. Behold !!!!!! The cost of voting for liberal filth ( or sitting home on the fat ass on election day ) is something everyone in the garbage can of Chicago can enjoy, just look around and watch it all get worse. Where are the “progressive” pro illegal alien loons ? By now they should be offering up spare bedrooms and back yards for tents. JB must have a few rooms in his mansion. Scum like Durbin and Duckworth have yet to offer up some room and board even though they support Joe the diaper wearing puppet and his open gate policies. Eventually this will be statewide as we become a 3rd world country. for now we may not see it statewide but we will be getting to pay for it.

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