Illinois Governor JB Pritzker opened his well-used piehole to advocate for a national gun and magazine ban, despite both Constitutional roadblocks and US Supreme Court precedent.  He called for the new gun control schemes on the anniversary of the Highland Park massacre where 7 people were killed by a mentally unwell social misfit who fled the scene dressed as a woman.

Pritzker knows that there are challenges to enacting his scheme, just as there were in the late 1990s when he ran for Congress on a platform of banning all handguns.  But it’s for our own good, you know!

Or so he says.

Interestingly, he’s not offering to lead the way and relinquish his armed security details for both himself and his family.

From The Center Square:

(The Center Square) – With Illinois’ gun and magazine ban being challenged in a case expected to go to the U.S. Supreme Court, Gov. J.B. Pritzker says there needs to be a federal ban.

On the one-year anniversary of the Independence Day parade shooting in Highland Park Tuesday, Pritzker said there needs to be more gun control.

“We’ve banned assault weapons. We’ve banned high capacity magazines. We’ve banned switches that turn regular guns into automatic weapons and here in Illinois those are things that will keep people safe and alive, but we need a national ban,” Pritzker said…

Because legal gun owners are engaging in shootouts in Willowbrook, wounding almost two dozen?  Or in Chicago where (mostly) gang members celebrated Independence Day weekend with 13 killings and five dozen or so shot and wounded?

No, it’s gang violence, not “gun violence.”  More specifically, it’s black-on-black violence brought about in part because of the horrendous Chicago Public Schools that don’t educate and a breakdown of the nuclear family.

When just 11% of black kids can read at grade level in Chicago Public Schools, they’re graduating young people who can’t read the diploma they’re given (given, as opposed to earned).  Without a decent education these young folks don’t have much hope of getting a decent job, setting up a household, getting married, having kids, raising kids, building a career to support their families and becoming productive members of society.

Instead, all they have is the seductive lifestyle of gangs: money, drugs and guns.  And the currency of violence.


Todd Vandermyde, who’s consulting plaintiffs in the challenge to Illinois’ ban, said more gun control won’t make the streets safer. He said the governor’s other policies are “an abject failure.”

“They don’t go after the criminals. ‘Oh no, we’re going to give them electric home monitoring. Oh no, we’re going to let them go out for 48 hours. Oh no, we’re not going to require cash bail,’” Vandermyde told The Center Square, referring to the state’s latest changes to the criminal justice system.

Just in Chicago, violent crime has risen 86% over the past two years, and 56% over the past four.

To the consolidated lawsuit challenging the state’s gun and magazine ban, Pritzker said he’s “heartened” after last week’s hearing in the Seventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. The governor cited some of the judges’ questions focused on whether the issue is a “popularity contest which guns we’re going to allow.”

“Because the people who were advocating for semi-automatic weapons were saying ‘well gee, everybodies got one now, so you can’t ban them.’ Well that’s ridiculous,” Pritzker said. “If everyone had a missile launcher, we shouldn’t ban missile launchers?”

Vandermyde said the case isn’t about missile launchers.

“They just keep jumping to the absurd that if you allow rifles, shotguns and pistols then you have to allow all this other stuff. And nobody is arguing [that], that’s not even before the court in any way,” Vandermyde said.

6 thoughts on “GASBAG: Pritkzer calls for national gun ban”
  1. Gasbag is perfect.
    See CWB Chicago for video on how bad guys screw w cops because they know CPD won’t chase ’em.

  2. In fairness, this simple Simon piece of shit is heartened by the case of Krispy Kreme he devours every morning before his first pandering bill signing.

    When I see you sending ISP into the inner city to deal with the gangs and their guns, then we can talk about mine. Until then, you can kiss my hairy white ass.

  3. This is about control and disarmament of US citizens in order to impose the final agenda. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddd….. once again, as the video chronicles, “those people” again. The common denominators. 11% reading at grade level at CPS ? The long- term outlook is not good for “those people.”

  4. If you think JB and his ilk care about the situation you are as stupid as “those people” who continue to vote Communist, ah Democrat, but I repeat myself. For those of you educated in history, US history, you will understand when I tell you Lyndon Johnson was prescient in 1964. Now, the likes of Snopes claim no hard evidence exists to back up the claim. If you know anything about Lyndon Baines Johnson you know he was right.

  5. This sack of Marxist garbage is planning a run for the White House. If a drooling imbecile in a diaper can cheat his way in ( with help from commie scum voters ) so can this asshole. JB is a classic racist Dummycrat who promises black voters utopia and then they get the shaft, again and again and again. I wish they would wake up enough to realize he doesn’t go to the slums they live in for Independence Day, NO he’s in rich white liberal suburbs pandering. PICA is a crown jewel and major campaigning item for a White House run. I pray to God the courts knock this garbage down so the whole country can see him as a failure.

  6. They hate us. They will try to disarm us. If they succeed and we don’t play nice with them and embrace the woke ideology, they will “treat” us with violence, up to and including killing us. JB wants to ban all guns. This new law is just a good start. Semi-autos are probably next. Then anything outside of a muzzle loader. Then muzzle loaders. Then knives. Just like not-so-Great Britain.

    Fuck that and fuck them.

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