A Rhode Island Democrat State Senator faces charges for vandalism and malicious destruction of property after keying a pickup truck with a “Biden Sucks” sticker.  The incident happened at a Cranston, RI shopping center.  A witness heard the scraping and saw the man he later identified as State Senator Josh Miller, pictured above.

Police questioned Miller, and after some questioning, Miller copped to the crime.

Fresh damage to pickup truck with a “Biden Sucks” bumper sticker. Image by Cranston, RI Police.

But he tried to mitigate it by claiming the witness was one of those “gun nuts” that threatened him.

Another public official from Cranston is in hot water after being accused of scratching a car with a key.

Rhode Island Sen. Joshua Miller, a Democrat representing Cranston and Providence, was arrested by the Cranston Police Department for allegedly damaging a vehicle.

The arrest was first reported by NBC 10’s Gene Valicenti whose sources tell him that Miller is accused of keying a Trump supporter’s vehicle in the Garden City Shopping Center on Thursday…

“Is it the maniac that yelled at me in the car next to me? He was blocking my way, saying I scratched his car. I didn’t scratch his car,” Miller said.

But police said, surveillance video showed he did.

Miller denied damaging the vehicle and said he thought he was being followed and verbally threatened by the person in the car.

“I am a state senator. I think he recognized me. I think he is one of those ‘gun nuts,'” Miller told police.

“One of those gun nuts”?  It surely sounds as though Senator Josh Miller holds gun owners in high esteem.  No doubt he also supports the right of the little people – those deplorable “gun nuts” – to keep and bear arms in defense of their lives and their homes.

Not only that, but does anyone think for a minute that would-be petty tyrants like Josh Miller wouldn’t load up deplorables in boxcars or line us up against a wall if we didn’t have the means to resist government tyranny?


5 thoughts on “WHO IS THE NUT? RI state senator admits to ‘keying’ SUV with ‘Biden Sucks’ sticker, claims ‘gun nut’ witness threatened him”
  1. He is exactly the reason I will never surrender my God-given self defense. Even IF he was in fear of a ‘gun nut’, how in the world would keying up the side of a ‘gun nut’ s car make things ANY better?? This turd is due for whatever negative karma that comes his way, and yes, he would be cheerfully stuffing our unarmed selves into a boxcar given the opportunity. ‘Useful idiots’ is the term that comes to mind.

  2. Typical democRAT gets caught red-handed and blame someone/ANYone else that he is the “victim”! SCUM-BASTARD!

  3. See the preceding article reference France. It is not only the Feral Grubberment officials who need to be held to account.

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