Champaign, IL’s uber-woke Mayor Lil Debbie Feinen used her “Meet the Mayor” segment on The Morning Show (whatever that is) to tsk tsk Champaign’s residents that they shouldn’t light off fireworks.  Apparently that’s her biggest priority, even though gangs are shooting it out on the streets of her city which just happens to host the University of Illinois.

They had two “mass shootings” just a couple of weeks ago in a single weekend

What’s more, I used to live right next door in Savoy.  I worked in Champaign and spent a lot of time there.  I attended the fireworks when they were at Parkland…  which they stopped because of all of the gang violence from the less affluent neighborhood just east of Parkland during and after the fireworks. 

How bad was it?  People were shot – and some killed.  Gang bangers, who didn’t have a job and lived with their moms in Section 8 rentals, would effectively block the streets to fire off thousands of dollars in mortar rounds in displays that were rightfully impressive.  

What irked me was when one of the thugs said, “Hey Whitey, you don’t belong here.”  So much for welcoming diversity and opposing racism in Champaign, right?

But Mayor Lil Debbie is worried about fireworks, when streets in Garden Hills have been ground zero for illegal “displays” for years now.  Huge displays and you don’t dare drive through those streets for fear of getting a mortar tossed into your car, fired at your car or maybe, if you’re really lucky, bullets fired at your car.

From WCIA:

CHAMPAIGN, Ill (WCIA) – Today on The Morning Show, Champaign Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen came on in this week’s Meet The Mayor Segment. With the Fourth of July holiday coming up, she wanted to make sure everyone knew of a “No Fireworks” ordinance in Champaign.

“People really need to be mindful of our fireworks ordinance. It’s going to be really strictly enforced this year,” Feinen said. “We try to every year, but our chiefs, both fire and police, have made it very clear that it’s very a dangerous thing to be engaging in.”



“You don’t want to injure yourself or your family and certainly you don’t want to set your house on fire,” Feinen said.In order to be allowed to set off fireworks, Feinen said, you need a permit. Also, it is illegal to purchase fireworks in Indiana and bring them back to Champaign. So, it’s best to watch the shows made by licensed professionals.

10 thoughts on “Champaign’s woke, ‘Mayors Against Guns’ Mayor Deb Feinen ignores gang violence, cautions against fireworks instead”
  1. Former champaign resident here. It’s a fine town, but nobody I know has regretted moving out.
    That city’s council needs an enema.

  2. “Illegal to purchase in Indiana.” What a joke.
    Illannoy legalizes gambling to reap the taxes from it.
    Illannoy legalizes dope to reap the taxes from it.
    But Illannoy won’t legalize fireworks to reap the taxes from it, despite being one of only two states to not legalize it. Leftists just have no sense.

  3. I found her plea very inspiring. I shall now go forth and ask my neighbors if they will also comply with her heartfelt request. After all, we don’t want some poor soul harming himself or others….. Okay, I’m back. My neighbors told me what I could go do to myself, that ain’t gonna happen. I guess it’s going to be BOMBS AWAY. Sorry, Deb, I tried.

  4. When Democrats move in, its time to move out. Wherever they appear, chaos, violence and death soon follow. There isn’t a single governmental body in America run by Democrats that isn’t a complete shitshow.

  5. I am old enough to remember when a middle of nowhere rural dweller had to drive 60 plus miles just to buy a CAT 5 cable for the computer. Where larger towns like Champaign were a bit of a hub in the middle of nowhere where rural people could go to get stuff. Thanks to online buying I can get anything I want sitting at home in my undies. What about movies? I am old enough to remember when certain movies were only available in mid to large sized cities. Thanks to online streaming and the ability to buy and install any massive sound system inside the home you want the need for city theatres has gone away. I’m old enough to remember when dial up internet was only available in cities and the idea of getting online was something the cultured people did – not you. Thanks to the expansion of DSL, cable and now in the past couple of years the massive expansion of fiber optic lines all the way up to the modem inside the home the need for an urban area to even use the internet is long gone. So what these gun control high crime cities need to understand from us “hicks” is that they had everything handed to them all along. County people had to go search things out for themselves and make their (our) own little world. So when they vote in woke mayors and city councils, punish the law abiding while turning a blind eye to the criminals they essentially eliminate the need for their city to even be visited, so say nothing about living in. It’s amusing to watch.

    1. And if you buy online, you pay a lower sales tax rate if you do not live in Champaign, rather than their confiscatory 9%.
      Even better, if you go out to eat in some of the neighboring counties, you pay nearly 5% less sales tax. The rate in Champaign for restaurants is a CONFISCATORY 11.5%, while nearby it can be just 6.25%.

    1. Lets hope so, Lil dummy debbie isn’t that attractive, as most hateful leftists, ugly goes to the bone.

  6. Another urban area candidate for Escape from New York wall. Build the wall.

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