Today, college students studying journalism should really add some computer science to their college coursework and I’ll tell you why:  because the ability to code will be more employable than any journalism degree.  More and more, Americans have little use for the media, especially the mainstream media.  In fact, in a just-released Rasmussen poll, nearly 2/3rds of Americans view the media as the enemy of the people.


It gets better.  The diehard Joe Biden supporters (of which there are fewer and fewer with each passing month) still drink the Kool-Aid:


It warms our heart to see many of those haughty “journalists” of yesteryear now subjected to pithy remarks like “learn to code” as they’re getting downsized out of their jobs.

Back in 2016, I had a local AP reporter who wanted to interview me about my position on the Trump Second Amendment Advisory Committee.  He met me at a library conference room as I recall.  To this day I recall his condescending attitude towards gun owners and Donald Trump.  When I observed that his demeanor and attitude was exactly why Americans are tuning out of the mainstream media he scoffed at such beliefs.

A couple of years later, he reached out to me on another story.  When I asked him about his AP gig, he told me they let him go.   He was (then in about 2018ish) then working part-time for the local state-affiliated PBS/NPR media outlet.

“Learn to Code” really angers “journalists.”  Why?  Because journalists from the 80s and 90s always told blue collar workers losing their jobs to “learn to code.”  And now that the shoe is on the other foot, political activists with bylines really don’t like it.



4 thoughts on “POLL: Almost two-thirds of Americans view Media as “Truly The Enemy Of The People””
  1. My hometown newspaper is down to about one employee and a few pages once a week. Page sizes have shrunk to about GunNews in size. Pantagraph, news-gazette & herald & review are barely thick enough to catch birdshit in the bottom of a birdcage.
    HA effin Ha. Learn to code, bitches. I remember the endless anti-gun screeds from 50 years ago. Learn to code.

  2. The media no longer reports the news. It’s all opinion and innuendo. But as the saying goes. When you control the narrative. You control everything. Don’t drink the kool aid. If you value your sanity.

  3. Virtually all of the “mainstream media” are nothing more than DNC propaganda distribution outlets.

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