The feisty Illinois State Rep. Dan Caulkins minced no words in his criticism of a bill to limit Constitutional challenges to bad laws to Springfield and Chicago.  Why Springfield and Chicago?  Because that’s convenient for the slackers working in the Illinois Attorney General’s office.  After all, which one of the “work from home” specialists living in Chicago wants to drive to Metropolis on the southern tip of the state to defend garbage laws?

Caulkins let those pushing the bill, HB3062, have it, calling their attempt to block legal challenges except in “convenient” venues is akin to the tyranny of King George III.

For those of you a little rusty in your early American history, King George III is the tyrant who pushed the British colonists in America to successfully fight for their independence from Great Britain, kicking off with the first Revolutionary War battles on April 19, 1775.

The Center Square has it:

(The Center Square) – Residents looking to sue the state of Illinois on constitutional challenges to state law would only be able to file lawsuits in Sangamon and Cook counties in a measure ready to be sent to the governor. 

The Senate passed House Bill 3062 late last week. Thursday, state Rep. Jay Hoffman, D-Swansea, explained the reason Democrats are bringing the bill in the House. 

“Over the past three years, the attorney general’s office has been forced to respond to, I would say in many cases, frivolous lawsuits that have strained the office’s limited resources,” Hoffman said Thursday during floor debate. “Whether they were COVID-related restrictions, whether they were masks, whether they were vaccines, whether they were SAFE-T Acts, whether they were assault weapons bans, and the list goes on and on.”  

Republicans said if the attorney general’s resources are spread too thin, the legislature shouldn’t have passed other bills allowing the office to sue the gun industry or to go after pregnancy resource centers that don’t offer abortions…

State Rep. Dan Caulkins, R-Decatur, who brought a lawsuit in Macon County challenging Illinois’ gun ban, said the bill is similar to the tyranny of King George III. 

“The Democrats today are doing the very same thing. They pass unconstitutional laws to make law-abiding citizens criminals and then they make those same citizens travel hundreds of miles to go to a kangaroo court that they control,” Caulkins said. 

The measure, which does not apply to claims arising out of collective bargaining disputes between the state and unions, can now be sent to Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s desk.


5 thoughts on “CAULKINS: Bill to restrict Constitutional challenges akin to ‘tyranny of King George III’”
  1. The state cries about limited resources and then spends a fortune to push threw garbage unconstitutional gun laws. What about the limited resources of the law abiding trying to defend against those garbage gun laws ? It’s all about having cases go to puppet judge courts. Of course the drooling imbecile majority of sheep will keep electing politicians that never stop attacking rights.

  2. He’s right. Illinois has fully went to the dark side, where the governor purchases Supreme Court judges like boxes of Krispy Kreme, and our so-called legislators break every facet of the Constitution with illegal bills that are rubber stamped. Now, citizens will be denied the protection of those very courts as retaliation for daring to challenge our Corpulent King. This is just spiking the football – the Communists already control the Illinois Supreme Court, so anything they wish to make ‘legal’, they will.

    It is time to pack up and leave. This place is lost, just as California and New York are. If you refuse the principles of Communism, you are now a pariah in your own state. The Federal courts are just too slow to respond to the assembly line attacks on the US Constitution here. It is time to seek greener pastures, and let this godforsaken state fail, as all communist states eventually do.

    1. You’re absolutely correct, get the hell out now! Packed up last year and moved to Florida WOW what a difference. Wished I’d done it 40 years ago!

  3. Ok then, let’s make sure anyone charged under this “assault weapon” law only gets processed in Sangamon or Cook Counties. So sorry ISP, you’ll have to wait in line but don’t worry, the GOP is helping the Dems get you more money to carry out these witch hunts thank to HB2722. Make sure your county state’s attorney and sheriff are NOT going to do any of this “assault weapon” stuff. We need the other 100 counties to shove ALL of this gun control to their favorite two counties of Sangamon and Cook. Works for me!

  4. What our so called leaders have done to our once great state. Is tantamount to a total betrayal of governance. We are and have been living under tyranny. Time to leave. Please, last one out. Turn off the lights.

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